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Re: Ryback a draw?

Originally Posted by Vin Ghostal View Post
There goes your credibility. Ziggler's one of the best in-ring talents in WWE and is quickly climbing the all-time list. Prone to botching? Spare me.

Of course they're going to get away with it. Their target demographic is unfamiliar with the source material.

You do realize that, as great as Quentin Tarantino is, most of his movies are direct rip-offs of other movies, right? Ever see Reservoir Dogs? That is a BLATANT ripoff of a Chow Yun Fat movie whose title escapes me. Did most of the modern American audience know that? Of course not. That's why Reservoir Dogs did so well and is so praised by audiences.

Younger fans have no clue who Goldberg is, nor do they see anything derivative in Ryback. He's new to them, which means WWE is free to rip off Goldberg as much as they want. If you don't like that, that's unfortunate, but unless you plan on touring the world telling every little WWE fan the tale of Goldberg, no one that matters to WWE cares.
1. People chant 'Goldberg' every time this guy is on.
2. WTF do Tarantino movies have to do with Wrestling?
3. What about older fans? I know they don't matter to the WWE anymore, it's sad they don't matter to some fans (you for example) either. Their ratings sure exemplify this as well.

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