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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Well, this came rather fast...

Vengeance 2004:

Jonathan Coachman/Garrison Cade vs Tajiri/Rhyno - *3/4
- Worthless filler is worthless filler. I have to laugh at the green mist and every time Coach gets it, though.

Chris Jericho vs Batista - **1/4
- Pretty boring to be fair. Hell, now I'm done with the PPV, I don't even remember a thing from it. That's how unmemorable this was.

Ric Flair/Eugene vs La Resistance - **1/4
- A bit funny when Eugene goes mental and causes the DQ along with an awesome Stunner and Rock Bottom but otherwise, I'm getting bored of his act by this point. Plus his imitations of Ric Flair are terrible as he literally sounds like a barking dog when doing the "WOOOOOOOO!" thing.

Matt Hardy vs Kane - **3/4
- A decent match for how long it lasts and the ending was a bit of a surprise as Lita distracted Kane long enough for Matt to hit him with the chair and win.

Randy Orton vs Edge - ***3/4
- Pretty great match. Orton's in-ring work has improved by this point and Edge is starting to shake off the ring rust from his 14 month absence. A few interesting things about this match. Firstly, I can't help but notice Orton having a boner at the start but the match manages to be good enough that I forget about it completely. :P Secondly, Orton is the heel and Edge is the face but the crowd reaction is pretty much the opposite. Orton gets cheered and Edge is booed but somehow, Orton manages to turn the crowd against him by yelling at them that he doesn't need their support and when he loses, he manages to pull off a great heel act by pretending to cry to a bunch of boos from the crowd. At over 25 minutes, the last 7 or so minutes get very exciting and the crowd truly comes to life after the slow start.

Victoria vs Molly Holly - **
- A #1 contender match at a PPV and no title defense, wow, how logical! Anyways, this is pretty short and there's not much to remember. A nice over-the-top rope dive by Victoria and a great superkick to end the match but otherwise, Molly spends most of the match time working on her shoulder and using restholds, so this is pretty skippable.

Chris Benoit vs HHH - ***3/4
- A great match with some good mat wrestling and some small memorable spots but it is kind of ruined by the over-dramatic ending with Eugene. He has no business in the main event and the amount of attention given to what he's going to do and the lack of it given to the World Champion is a disgrace. The "Eugene sucks" chants come there towards the end which continues onto SummerSlam. I enjoyed the match but the end takes away from it.

Overall: **1/2 out of ***** (Two great matches and the rest are subpar. Might be the weakest Raw PPV in 2004 so far which might exactly be as bad as expected since Backlash & Bad Blood were both pretty good. This one is below average because there's very little to make up for the amount of filler and time killers that fail to deliver. Still, I recommend the IC & WHC matches.)
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