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Re: Tnmore.

Tnmore can be a good poster at times. For instance, the last couple of days his anti-Punk posts in the ratings thread actually had substance beyond "lolz he cant draw" but sometimes he's just outright stupid like when he talks about Bret Hart.

And BC Hunk is a fucking idiot. Glad they've finally banned his monkey ass. I was having some sort of red rep 'battle' with him where I would rep him just to annoy him then he would return rep me with some goofy ass comments. "The Hunk says..." lol, what a goof.

Originally Posted by Ether View Post
I agree that he's a Rock316AE wannabe, Rock316AE and Choke2Death are both good posters despite what people think of them imo. Yeah, it's tiresome to hear Choke2Death say how Punk can't draw, or hearing Rock316's "Rock in the year 2000 is the greatest year in the history of our business" every other post, but they back up their posts at least and are good in threads that don't relate to Punk/Rock/Cena (DVD/Match thread for example). There are very few Rock marks that are good posters, though. One guy even posted that Rock "by far" influenced and transcended the business more than Flair.
Eh, the only time I ever talk about "CM Punk can't draw" is in the ratings thread or when somebody makes drawing an argument elsewhere. You'll never see me randomly bring up "Punk is not a draw" out of nowhere unless I'm making a point in general. That is for gimmick posters. I've already made it clear that his lack of drawing abilities is not the reason I don't like him as that would be plain stupid and somebody's drawing abilities has absolutely fuck all with my enjoyment of what they do on-screen.

And I really don't know what people think of me. I know some Punk marks dislike me but that comes with stating your opinion and I have no problem with that. Then there are others who I have mutual respect for like NearFall. And I always contribute to my post of abilities in threads discussing the past, mainly the DVD/Matches one as you mentioned.
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