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Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point

Xplosion Feedback

While on Impact we got a promo to open the show, Iím glad you opened with a match on this show. A triple threat between these three guys should be interesting to say the least, great choice of opener for the first show. Nice to see Aries talking some trash to the other guys, which gave you an excuse for them to eliminate him from the ring in the early going, although it is following the same path as many triple threat matches what with one guy being out of the ring while two others battle inside it. Nice spot with the baseball slide and the suicide dive, you managed to incorporate all three men it in so well done for that, the first huge action tonight and Iím sure now the last. Not sure why Aries would have chosen Sydal, Senshi would have came off worse from that spot so he really should have tried to pin him. This was a pretty entertaining match for the opener, you got some nice spots in and had Aries come out on top, Iím pretty sure you told me youíre a fan of his so I expect big things from him in this thread. Why was Aries being cheered? Isnít he a heel?

Personally, before this segment with Foley, I would have preferred a commercial break. The crowd just witnessed a pretty good triple threat, so I think a commercial would have been perfect here to give a few minutes break before the promo. Foleyís promo was a bit bland for me, but you did a good job putting over the competitors in the triple threat. Maybe you could have had Amazing Red come out and tell Foley that he was invoking his rematch clause.

Nice bit of tension showed between the authority figure and the champion here. Homicide should really be the focus of your show, the person the show is built around so good to see him get some air time before his main event later, which should be a belter by the way. Also at Foley taping up the sign, gold.

Six man tag up next? I can live with that. This was an okay match, you showed us how well the teams can work together what with the tag team double moves and what not. The corkscrew plancha would have good to see in real life, and would have really got the crowd involved, and it shows off how athletic Amazing Red is. I knew Redís team would win this, and it was the right call as Red has a championship match coming soon so he has to look good before the PPV.

You really showed how confident Aries is in his abilities, even becoming really cocky when he said that he could have beaten them with his eyes closed. Really strange from London here, but from this I assume weíll see a feud between these two, which could make for some good matches.

You already have a stacked roster but I can get onboard with Danielson coming in. Some great matches could be had with most of the roster.

Jobber entrance for Jimmy Yang I see. Pretty much confirms that TJ will win this. But yeah, Wilson had some good moments in this match as did Yang. TJ and Wang shaking hands is a good way to get TJ over with the crowd as someone who is very respectful.

Very nice main event, you had two men you could put on a good match and you made it happen. Some of the action was very entertaining, like the plancha and the 450 splash which turned into the gringo cutter. The danger with champion vs champion matches that one champion could look weak in the end, so having Homicide look like he was going to win only to have AJ get his foot on the ropes, which then in turn meant Homcide attacked him with the chair was a good way to keep Homicide looking good. AJ didnít look great, but this is an Xplosion show so the X Division Champ has to look good. Red getting involved was expected, need to keep the focus on Red and Homicide for the X Division Championship.

All in all, a good show, I enjoyed pretty much all of the matches. The only thing Iíd say is that the show was lacking in backstage segments, I know itís only a one hour show but you could have had some more, imo. But yeah, nice work, bud. <3
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