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Re: WWE: Generation Rising


Monday night RAW is live from the Bi Lo Center in Greenville, South Carolina, the show opens with a recap video of last Monday. It documents the altercation between Cody Rhodes and John Cena beginning with the verbal exchange earlier in the evening this is before it ends emphatically with Cody hitting a Crossrhodes. His words ring out about being the Rhodes to the future with Cena left lying. This is before we cut to Triple H who is sat at his office desk with documents titled future Smackdown GM written across it, the Smackdown GM will be named tonight! We now cross live to the arena...

A huge ovation from tonight's crowd as we are introduced by Matt Striker and Jerry Lawler, they inquisitively ask who the future Smackdown general manager could be. This is before they confirm that Cody Rhodes and John Cena will both participate in pick your poison matches later tonight, with a hint of sarcasm Striker says Jerry could be a poison. Some big heat in the arena now as Cody Rhodes' theme hits, he saunters from the back wearing his grey t-shirt with Rhodes To The Future printed on it, he has a microphone in hand as he paces across the stage shushing the crowd, which of course makes them louder and angrier. Cody states he is out here to do a noble thing and give John Cena some notice about his opponent to give him a chance to prepare. Cody's condescending tone isn't going down well with the crowd. Cody states that John Cena's opponent tonight will be Mark Henry! The crowd pop huge for this blockbuster match before Cody continues, mentioning that Cena will probably not pay him the same respect and will give him a surprise opponent which he doesn't mind as he knows he can beat anyone in this company. Jerry Lawler is quick to mention our blockbuster main event again before being cut off by a huge ovation as John Cena appears behind Rhodes who doesn't take long to turn into a huge takedown from Cena! The crowd are electric as Cena pummels Cody to the delight of the crowd at the top of the ramp, somehow Cody escapes and begins to run down the ramp towards the ring, he is however being followed by a livid Cena who smacks him in the back forcing him to roll down. John is after Cody who crawls into the ring and makes it to his feet before turning into a right hand from Cena, he whips Cody into the ropes but misses a clothesline as Rhodes springboards off the ropes and hits a Disaster Kick hitting John square in the face, John is down and Cody now gets on top of his rival and he begins pummeling him, clearly Cody is giving as good as he gets. He's not on offense for long as Triple H appears on the top of the ramp, the man who is running not only RAW but this company. He is ordering in the troops as several WWE workers and road agents storm the ring where Cena has retaken the advantage and has Cody in the corner driving his shoulder into his gut repeatedly before he is pulled away from Rhodes, the fans are crazy as both superstars are kept in respective corners of the ring. Let them fight rings out from our capacity crowd before Triple H can be heard breathing heavily to test the microphone before screaming out, his orders are loud and clear telling the two men to stop immediately or risk suspension. Triple H is quick to yell that he can't be dealing with these two tonight and he is not messing about. Cena is intent on continuing, Rhodes seems to be enticing him, inviting the hot headed Cena to take another shot at him. John however despite his attempts is kept back by numerous co-workers as we are sent to commercial by our commentary team.


We return to the arena where Matt Striker and Jerry Lawler discuss what just went down, a video replay is shown along with this as Cena is labeled as psychotic. Our team are quick to hype up the rest of tonight's blockbuster show, our main event John Cena vs. Mark Henry, a debate to take place between all of the Tag Teams involved in last week's altercation and an update on Chris Jericho's health and the announcement of the NEW Smackdown General Manager. Our first match of the evening is up next as per request of Ricardo Rodriguez! The sharply dressed announcer comes out to Alberto Del Rio's theme music along with the Intercontinental Champion to some decent heat, Del Rio dressed extravagantly seems to be trying to show Ricardo his Armbreaker as they walk down to the ring, Ricardo wearing the trunks that belong to Del Rio as they enter the ring a small video pops up in the corner of our screen. The video shows Ricardo furious backstage demanding to be put in the ring with Kane after he was Tombstoned by the Big Red Machine at Judgement Day. The video concludes and we're back to Ricardo mocking the crowd in the centre of the ring, before a BOOM Kane's red light's take over the arena as he appears at the top of the ramp, he slowly walks down to the ring tilting his head with that eerie welder's mask. He stops before the apron and adjusts the glove on his hand before climbing over the top rope and standing in the middle of the ring, Ricardo out of fear is now outside the ring discussing strategy with his employer. Kane raises his arm's into the air and forces his pyro to explode from the four corners of the ring, after which he peels his outer mask off and flips back his hair waiting as Ricardo slowly walks up the steps, clearly regretting his decision about challenging Kane.

Our match begins with Ricardo trying to size up Kane and trying to kick the big man in the legs, to no avail though as Kane just dominates Ricardo whilst his employer and Intercontinental Champion watches on from the outside. Kane basically hammers away at Ricardo for a number of minutes until Del Rio pulls his announcer out of the ring and begin to walk up the ramp to a chorus of boo's. Kane however still irate and hell bent on the Intercontinental Champion follows both men and grabs both of them before bringing them back to the ring and rolling them under the bottom rope. Kane is slow to re enter which costs him as Del Rio and Rodriguez take advantage, they kick Kane while he's down. Del Rio has his arm and locks in an Armbreaker, wrenching back on Kane's arm. Ricardo exits the ring and brings in a Steel Chair before smacking Kane's body with it whilst Del Rio keeps the hold applied. Del Rio eventually releases the hold and he and Ricardo are quick to exit the ring and head up the ramp, Del Rio is sure to pick up his title belt which is left on the floor as he and Ricardo laugh as they head behind the curtain. Kane in the ring moves towards the turnbuckle and using one arm gets onto his feet before he screams with rage shouting Del Rio! A camera is quick to go backstage where Del Rio and Ricardo roam the area, their laughs are cut short as the camera turns out to show Triple H to a big pop! Triple H is soon to speak and question if Del Rio thinks he and his lackey are smart, Kane apparently has a rematch for the Intercontinental Championship and Hunter is making it happen, at No Mercy it will be a Handicap No Disqualification Match for the title as Del Rio and Ricardo will take on Kane and if Ricardo is pinned or made to submit Del Rio will still lose the title! The crowd are ecstatic as Hunter brushes off Del Rio's shoulder and walks down the corridor leaving Del Rio to lament Ricardo for forcing him into this match. Up next their will be a Tag Team division debate, any team willing to stake a claim for the titles have their chance to speak next! A RAW 1000 advertisement airs again hyping up the big one for July 23, 2012!

We are now back at ringside where podiums are set up in the ring, the ring is also decked in red as Matt Striker says that we saw something similar to this back in February before the Elimination Chamber PPV. And who better than to start this debate than the Tag Team Champions themselves Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks who come out to some heat, Hawkins wearing a leather blazer and skinny jeans carries his title over his shoulder whilst Tyler Reks wears a shirt and tie along with some dress pants. They're ridiculed by the crowd upon their entry into the ring as they laugh at the podium's set up. Both men place their belts on the podium before they both sit on opposite turnbuckle's with microphone's in hand. Hawkins opens with a line about how stupid this debate is and that the champions shouldn't even have to attend this crap. Curt says it doesn't matter who they face for their titles but that's how it will remain THEIR titles. Reks now speaks and says they might as well hear what the other team's have to say for themselves and the pair look to the stage waiting...

They're met with the pair of Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara to a great pop, there is no pyro tonight for them as they just head to the ring occasionally slapping hands with a few fans, upon their entry Rey Mysterio stands behind a podium with Cara looking at the champions. Curt is quick to say that the 2 time beaten Tag Team number 1 contenders are here which isn't met with a happy response from Rey who promises that those titles will be theirs. Rey and Cara glance to the fans in attendance before Rey continues, Rey knows that the other team's may not agree with this but he and Cara are the perfect team to take those titles and shut up the champions. Things look set to kick off as Curt and Tyler remove from their respective turnbuckles and begin to walk towards Rey and Cara who look ready to fight them off until the interruption from Jimmy and Jey, The Uso's who receive a mixed reaction based on their save and then attack on Rey and Cara. Jimmy has the microphone and speaks while he and his brother walk down to the ring, Jimmy says last week was just what they had to do to get noticed around here and if you want the perfect team don't look at Rey and Cara look at the them. not only are they brothers but they are born into this business, born to be Tag Team champions! Both men have entered the ring now before Primo and Epico's music hits to little reaction, they're accompanied by Rosa who has a microphone and speaks in Spanish upon their entry to the ring only to be interrupted by the smooth talkin' AW who with his ear microphone in he talks up the two men who accompany him to the ring, Darren Young and Titus O'Neill the Prime Time Players! The pair sport their own merchandise as they swagger down the ramp ahead of AW. AW himself talks about how you're not just looking at the master promoter but you are looking at the future Tag Team champions which is met by some smug facials from Hawkins and Reks who are unimpressed. The Truth has set us free from the babbling of AW! R-Truth and Evan Bourne are here to a decent pop, they have no microphone and look set to go for the Prime Time Players as they enter the ring, AW can be heard talking loudly on the microphone as select teams begin to mouth off at each other until the light's turn to black leaving Matt Striker to ask what now? That eerie guitar rift hits and out comes Bray Wyatt! Again with the lights dimmed he is followed by what he calls his family. The delusional man has stopped the squabbling as all eyes are on him. Wyatt apparently sees potential, potential members for his family who we can all see. Wyatt reaches the ring now and rolls into the fray, the tag teams have all spread to the side as Wyatt randomly spins before laughing into the microphone. Bray asks who would like to join his family, this receives no response and Bray seems to have his eyes set on someone. Evan Bourne standing by the turnbuckle is the man in sight, Wyatt wanders over to him and smiles in his face before whispering you into the microphone, Wyatt attempts to cradle Evan's head but is met with a right hand that makes him hit the deck only for him to roll out of the ring. Bray looks livid for a moment only to compose himself and laugh into the microphone while nursing his jaw. He backs up the ramp with his holograms backing up too. Suddenly the lights are back on and all the teams are looking to each other bewildered and it's all blew up! Curt Hawkins sets it off by hitting the first punch on Rey Mysterio, both of those teams are at it whilst Truth/Bourne go at it with the Prime Time Players and Primo and Epico with The Uso's. There is an all out brawl now, everyone is mixing it up and the podiums set up have been knocked to the side. A voice shouts out now from the back a woman's voice, Stephanie McMahon appears to a large cheer! Stephanie says Triple H thought that the team's would be able to sort this out like adults but it appears they can't. Triple H has scheduled a tournament to crown our number 1 contenders. However there are 5 contenders in the ring so 1 team has been formed. The two men are not happy about it but have decided to do it in a bid to get air time. "Here To Show The World" hits and out comes Dolph Ziggler flaunting about on the stage to some decent heat his music is abruptly cut off as out comes Tyson Kidd to his old New Foundation theme music. He receives a decent pop as he shakes hands with Stephanie McMahon and raises his arm into the air. His partner looks away disgustedly shouting why before the teams in the ring are shown. Matt Striker mentions the strong dislike between these two men but obviously their will for success has taken over. They are both now in pursuit of the tag team titles. They are the last shot before we go to a break.


RAW returns with a brief recap of tonight's opening segment. We are hyped up the following 3 things, John Cena vs. Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes vs. An opponent of John Cena's choice and the announcement of the new Smackdown General Manager. According to Matt Striker, Stephanie McMahon is running things tonight whilst Triple H is making his decision about who the new Smackdown General Manager will be. Apparently the 5 final candidates are all backstage and are eagerly awaiting the response. But now there is going to be some in ring action, and out first to some big heat is Kofi Kingston! The new member of All World is accompanied by AW on his way to the ring, he doesn't take part in his usual boom, boom, boom and instead just enters the ring before shaking hands with AW. His opponent is a man he has history with, a man who comes out to a huge pop Randy Orton! With his theme blasting through the PA system. Orton with no emotion walks down the ramp and coldly stares at AW on the outside. This is before he climbs the steps and enters the ring, he brushes off Kofi Kingston on his way to the corner where he climbs up and poses for the cameras. He then heads off the top and he waits for the bell.

With AW barking at Randy his client Kofi Kingston nearly takes advantage with a roll up that proves to be null due to Orton kicking out. Kofi and Randy go on to face off in a closely contested match where Kofi stuck to his high flying style with Randy methodically slowing him down. Randy would hit his signature rope hung DDT, thinking that this match was nearly over. But suddenly a crazed fan jumps the rail claiming that she loves Randy! The small brunette tries to enter the ring before being held back by security members, it's AJ! The little minx has distracted Orton who looks at her being dragged away while she grins. Orton turns back to the match and turns into a Trouble In Paradise from Kofi Kingston who makes a cover. And picks up a massive win! He's quick to exit the ring with AW's help and to head up the ramp. On his way he is passed by Daniel Bryan to some big heat. Bryan with his goat face wanders down the ramp and to the barricade where security have AJ, he politely asks them to release this fan and let her into the ring which after deliberation they do. Bryan with a firm grasp on his girlfriend's hand escorts her up to the steps and into the ring where Randy is just getting to his feet. He is quickly pegged back down with a kick from Bryan to the chin, all whilst chanting YES! Bryan pointing to his chest shouts WWE Champion before slapping on a YES! Lock, he wrenches back on Orton's face while AJ lies next to Orton with a sick smile. Bryan eventually releases the hold before exiting the ring and heading to the back along with AJ. The pair scan back to the ring where Orton is down before we cut to the following...


Kane calls out as clips of beat down’s in the WWE are shown.

Mercy is something I do not show.

Kane electrocutes Shane McMahon’s testicles.

Showing mercy separates the weak from the strong.

And now Kane debuts at Badd Blood 97’

I am the Big Red Machine and on June 24th, I will show No Mercy!

We return back to the arena and are backstage with Josh Matthews standing by with Stephanie McMahon, before Josh can even speak they're interrupted by Daniel Bryan and AJ who burst onto the screen. Daniel is quick and straight to the point by asking if he's going to get his WWE title match against CM Punk, Stephanie ponders the thought and says she doesn't like the stunt that they just pulled but Bryan will get a number one contender match at No Mercy. This is met with some big heat as Bryan and AJ react cheerfully before going to walk away, only for Stephanie to call him back and state that match is against Randy Orton! Daniel is downhearted but AJ consoles him by hugging him as we go back to Josh Matthews and Stephanie. Josh asks what else she has planned whilst she has been given control of RAW and she states that she has made a match for No Mercy which we will find out about next as a contract signing will take place in the ring. With that we go to ringside where are contract table is set up with Jerry Lawler wondering what this match is. Well we're about to find out as Stephanie McMahon makes her entrance to a big pop, she struts down to the ring with purpose in her smart business suit before taking a microphone from the table. She asks for Wade Barrett to come down to the ring, and after a brief wait he does wearing a suit of his own. Wade shows no acknowledgement of the fans who jeer him wildly as he enters the ring, he eyeballs Stephanie McMahon before taking a microphone from the table. His music abruptly cuts as he questions why he is out here, he knows he can't face Jericho due to the beating he gave him last week and that he will likely be out for a very long time. Wade wants whoever he will be facing to know he will end them like he did to Chri- BIG POP! Chris Jericho's theme music hits to a loud ovation and to Wade's disgust, Jericho doesn't look good as he uses crutches to slowly get down the ramp. He slaps hands with a number of the fans on the front row before struggling into the ring. Barrett is clearly enjoying this as his rival scowls at him before Stephanie McMahon hands him a microphone. Chris doesn’t say a word as Wade butts in, he mocks Chris asking what is he seeing before him. If Chris wants to go ahead and sign a contract Wade will gladly end his career. Stephanie says however it is not Chris Jericho who he will be facing at No Mercy, but a representative hand picked by Jericho. Wade looks confused as Chris has found his voice. Chris wants Barrett to know that he will get him. It may be next year or even the year after that but he will get him, and when he does Wade will never, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeveerrr be the same again! Barrett wants Jericho to admit, admit that Wade has beaten him badly enough for him to become a shell of himself. Wade is in Chris' face now but Stephanie calms the situation by asking Chris to name his opponent. Barrett backs away looking at Jericho intriguingly as Chris says it's only the WWE and the doctors stopping him from fighting Wade at No Mercy. But the man who will face him thinks that Wade needs to be taken down a peg or two. Jericho welcomes out the man who will face Wade, his good friend William Regal! Regal's music hits and he receives a decent pop. The fellow Brit walks down to the ramp wearing a freshly pressed black suit and enters the fray, shaking hands with Jericho. Barrett is bemused and asks if that's it William Regal!? Wade laughs as he signs the contract putting pen to paper, Regal asks for the microphone from Jericho and speaks directly to Wade. Regal says that Wade has hurt as a good friend of his and that at No Mercy he will teach him a lesson, a lesson in wrestling. Barrett responds by asking who Regal really is, Jericho may have had some past success but what has Regal ever done, a European Champion and what!? Barrett has accomplished in his eyes more now than Regal has in his entire career. Barrett can't wait to end Regal as he did to Jericho and he now pushes the contract across the table to Regal who egged on by Jericho signs on the dotted line. Stephanie thanks the gentleman in the ring and cannot wait to see their match, Wade launches the table to the side and goes nose to nose with William, Stephanie exits the ring and Jericho stands alongside Regal on his crutch. OUCH! Barrett smacks Jericho, that's an injured man! Regal and Barrett are going at it now, Wade is dominating him using fierce punches to the ribs of William. Barrett tears Regal's blazer off before launching him down to the canvas. He has set his sights now on Jericho who is down. He slowly walks towards Jericho and brings him onto his feet, trash talking him. Regal is up and is rummaging in his pocket, BRASS KNUCKLES! Regal has the brass, he cocks his hand ready as Wade hears the crowd's cheers and turns around BAM! Regal nails Wade in the jaw, he is out of it! William is quick to get to Chris Jericho who has fell back to the floor, Regal helps him onto his feet and shares a smile with him as Wade lies motionless. Regal's music hits and we go out to commercial.


We return to RAW as Jerry Lawler reacts to the contract signing what just went down here tonight with William Regal sparking out Wade Barrett with the Brass Knuckles. We head backstage and catch up with Barrett who is nursing his jaw. Josh Matthews asks what his thoughts on facing Regal are to which Wade replies that he made his thoughts clear earlier in the ring. Wade acts shocked about the brass knuckles and states he is a bare knuckle fighter and could do more damage with his bare fists than those brass knucks, Regal better watch his back according to Wade. Back to ringside and to some big heat is Cody Rhodes! Rhodes makes his way down to the ring ready for his poison match as we watch a replay of his brawl with John Cena earlier tonight. We pan back to the ring where Rhodes looks eagerly at the stage waiting and waiting....CM Punk! His opponent is the WWE Champion CM Punk! The champ is out to a rapturous response as he kneels at the top of the stage. Punk shouts that it's clobberin' time before HEY! The Miz! Miz bounds into Punk from behind and begins beating him down. Miz is now joined by Cody Rhodes from the ring and the pair beat down Punk before tossing him inside. Miz claims that he should be WWE Champion as he heads back up the ramp whilst in the ring, the bell is rung.

Punk is a resilient champion! He fights off Cody Rhodes so hard, kicking out of an Alabama Slam and a Disaster Kick before getting in a flurry of offense. Punk would deliver his high knee and bulldog combo before heading up to the top rope and hitting his Elbow Drop! Rhodes however kicked out again! He got to his feet and headed for a breather in the corner, ANOTHER HIGH KNEE-NO! Rhodes has him and hits an Alabama Slam, he makes a cover and uses the ropes for leverage. HE STEALS ONE! Cody Rhodes has pinned the WWE Champion. Rhodes is quick to exit the ring as Punk's injuries before the match clearly hampered him here tonight. I'm sure he will be looking for revenge next week. Matt Striker asks if it's just a matter of time until Punk loses that title as Miz after taking out Christian has been like a different man. We are left to ponder those words as we cut to another RAW 1000 video package.

According to Matt Striker on our return Brodus Clay will get his hands on Damien Sandow next week inside a Steel Cage on Monday Night RAW! Jerry Lawler is happy with this move by Triple H and says it means Paul Wight can't get involved to help out his so called enlightener Sandow. But right now it's time for our Main Event, Mark Henry will take on John Cena! Out first is Henry accompanied by All World, they all egg on their man as he bounces down to the ring to some big heat for this faction. Henry entered Sheamus so it seems into the Hall Of Pain last week and wants to induct John Cena here tonight. Well here comes Cena who gives a stern salute before running down to the ring, he is right at Henry and the match has begun.

John Cena showed all of his aggression tonight on Mark Henry however his losing streak would continue! Mark Henry would beat Cena after a distraction from his posse allowing him to hit a WSS! Mark Henry however wanted to assert more dominance and he and his posse began to beat down Cena. And here again comes Cody Rhodes, Rhodes sprints from the back to the ring and helps this beating being put on Cena here tonight. All five men beat Cena within an inch of his life until a massive pop is heard as Sheamus with a Steel Chair in hand emerges from the back and bounds down to the ring. Clearly he has issues with Henry who beat him down last week, BOOKER T! Booker T follows down Sheamus and these two men are fighting them all off in the middle of the ring. They all escape however apart from Titus O'Neill who is left to feel their wrath with a Brogue Kick and Scissors Kick hit on him defiantly. Booker would help John Cena to his feet to a warm applause, John wound up with anger stared at Cody Rhodes at the top of the ramp as we cut to our final commercial break. The Smackdown General Manager will be named next!


What an ovation as out comes the man running not only Monday Night RAW but the WWE as it stands Triple H! The Game has a smart business suit on as he walks down to the ring with a clipboard in hand. Upon the capture of a microphone he tells us how hard his decision has been tonight. He says it's been tough doing basically two jobs since Kelly has been taken, that receives a big pop! Hunter says all five candidates gave great pitches on who should get the job but after sitting in his office all night he has made his decision. He welcomes out the new Smackdown General Manager as we look to the stage and wait.


Oh my god! The pop is thunderous as Edge with his new haircut wearing a leather jacket and jeans runs out from behind the curtains. He crouches down pointing to the fans as Triple H applauds from the ring. Edge's smile is gleaming as he walks down the ramp and enters the ring, he shakes hands and exchanges a hug with Triple H before walking up and climbing the turnbuckle posing for photos. After he exits the top rope he grabs a microphone and cannot speak due to the fans chanting Edge! As they quiet down Edge says that this is the biggest decision he has had to make for a long time. Edge says that when he found out that Dylan Kelly had cancelled Smackdown he was disgusted, Edge states that RAW was always saw as the A show but not anymore. Edge says he respects Triple H but live on Friday Nights from now on will be the A show. Edge goes to speak again but his microphone cuts off to which he acts surprised, suddenly our screen turns static and we are met with a dark secluded room, the room is dirty and old and the lights get flicked on to show Dylan Kelly still in his suit from Judgement Day battered and bruised, he is tied up with brown rope and he sits in the chair crying. He tries to speak but cannot seem to muster any words, the only words he can say as he looks at the camera are Hunter, you've got to listen to me. He's coming, before he continues he begins to yelp as the figure who kidnapped him appears with a crowbar and smacks him across the face. The crowd and the ring are shown. All full of shock as the screen fuzzes and we go off the air.


Updated Card

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Handicap No Disqualification Match

Alberto Del Rio (c) & Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Kane

Singles Match
Wade Barrett vs. William Regal w/Chris Jericho

#1 Contenders Match For The WWE Championship
Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan w/AJ

WWE Tag Team Championships
Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks (c) vs. TBC
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