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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Friday Night Smackdown 'Live'
Friday 16th January 2009
Live from the Arena the i wireless Center
Moline, Illinois

*Opening Video*
"Let It Roll"


*Video Recap*
From Last Week!

"My Time Is Now"

A huge roar breaks out in the crowd as John Cena hits the stage with some boos too as he stops and looks into the crowd, salutes them and heads off down the ramp looking fairly relaxed it has to be said. He picks a microphone up off the apron as he makes his way into the ring, smiling into the stands with the deafening noise still ringing around the arena. Cena stands there smiling, soaking it up as his music comes to a halt.

John Cena:
Ev'rything's got way out of hand lately an' it's not Punk's fault. As much as I hate t' say it Punk's right about what's been goin' down the last month or so. Hell he's not even blamin' me at the minute. The person he's put all this is on is Stephanie McMahon, an' he's right, so much so I handed the world title I won Night of Champions back to the person who should be in charge round here. . . Tazz. It was Tazz that brought me here an' at Night of Champions I earned the right t' fight Punk f' the world title, but 'cause Steph decided t' get involved, an' even though I technically won the match, ev'rythin' about it was wrong. I've never wan'ed handouts contrary t' what's said by some people behind that curtain, but 'cause of what happened that night we don't know who'd 'ave walked out World Champion. Next week though at the Rumble, we will. There's just one problem. As long as Steph's here, an' I'll use Punk's words not mine, an' she's throwin' her weight around, I can't say what happened at Night of Champions won't happen again. . . We've already got a GM, an' far as I'm concerned Tazz has got things under control. It only got out o'hand when Steph turned up, an' now she's gettin' involved in Punk's matches, my match at Night. . .

"I'm All Grown Up Now"

Looking like she means business, Stephanie McMahon struts out to the stage and looks down at Cena, giving him a strange look, not all that pleased with him it would seem. She has a microphone in hand and heads down the ramp to a largely positive reaction, entering the ring looking right at Cena. Her music cuts as she walks towards Cena and she still looks like she means business.

Stephanie McMahon:
So John, I have t' say I was surprised listening backstage to what you just said. Surely you don't need me to remind you of who runs this company, an' if you've got problems with the decisions I've made, then maybe you should go join CM Punk in sitting at home, because there are plenty of superstars back there who would happily take both your places. Personally I think you an' Punk are acting like spoiled brats.

John Cena: You don't get it do y'Steph? Fighting f' the world title is one thing, but earning it's another. It's about proving t' yourself that you're the best in the business. At Night of Champions you took that away from us. I wan'ed the world title more than anything else in the world. It's why I left Raw, but I didn't leave t' have it handed t' me on a plate. I don't wanna be seen as the poster boy, management's favourite or anything like what Punk's said time an' time again. . . I'm askin' you t' step back an' let me do what I'm here t' do. I'm askin' you t' let me beat Punk by myself, no more crap like Night of Champions or a couple of weeks ago. If you get involved an' screw Punk over again, what d' y'think that'll do f' the image of the company? That's been your problem Steph. You do that again, you'll piss Punk off, you'll piss me off, you'll piss ev'ryone back there off an' more importantly you'll piss the fans off.


John Cena: What is good f' business Steph is lettin' two of the best in the business fight it out f' the biggest prize in the business. That's what's gonna happen, but if you get involved again you'll ruin that. No one wants that, an' this is tough f' me t' say but it needs t' be said. I didn't want any part of it last time, an' if it does happen again at the Rumble then I'll walk away like Punk, only I won't come back.

Stephanie looks shocked with Cena looking back at her, letting her know he means it.


Video footage from earlier in the week is shown with the former World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk is in a gym, stepping off a treadmill, sitting on a bench alongside Matt Striker. Striker too is in work-out gear and Punk takes a sip from a bottle of water, then wipes the sweat off his forehead with a towel before throwing it round his neck.

CM Punk:
I busted my ass t' get in the position I was as World Heavyweight Champion, t' get t' that level, an' she took that away from me just like that, an' f' what? Because I don't fit the (air quote) image of this company? Come on, seriously. She's what's wrong with this company, not me, but she doesn't have a clue an' I'm sure as hell not gonna let that happen again. I'll do whatever it takes t' get the world title back that ev'ryone including John Cena still knows should be mine. If Steph does decide t' ignore my advice, then I promise you, she'll be sorry, but not me Matt, not sorry at all.

Matt Striker: I think it's fair t' say that even people who aren't the biggest CM Punk fans in the world will feel you've been hardly done by. . .

CM Punk: . . . Hard done by? I've been screwed, robbed, mugged, however you wanna put she stole ev'rything I've worked for t' get t' this point, not that she'd know about that. If my father was my boss I guess I wouldn't expect t' have to work f' anything either. I've made it even harder for myself, which makes it even more incredible that I managed to become the World Heavyweight Champion. There's no doubt I deserve it 'cause I earned it. I earned it. John Cena can't say that. All I want is t' get the world title back, an' I know that there's a chance I'll get screwed over again. I've gotta make sure that doesn't happen, an' I will. Then when I get my title back, I know Steph's not gonna give up with this problem she's got with me. Someone needs t' make her see how clueless she is, an' who better than me? No one's as passionate as I am about this business and I will stop her Matt, mark my words because things need t' change.

Matt Striker: What exactly do you mean by stop her?

Punk stands up, picking his bottle of water up and taking a big gulp from it, then looks back at Striker.

CM Punk:
All in good time.

Punk smirks, leaving Striker confused as The Straight-Edge Superstar walks out of the shot.



Michael Cole:
Welcome all to Friday Night Smackdown. We're live t'night from Moline Illinois, just two nights away from the most highly anticipated Royal Rumble of all time. It's going to be an incredible night Sunday in Greensboro but we still have a great show t'night first, because later on we will see two brothers who have been at each other's throats for at least the last six months when Christian an' Edge go one-on-one. We'll also see 'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels take on someone who's run his mouth in recent weeks, at Shawn's expense too, the now Raw superstar, Chris Jericho. F' now Sunday can wait.


The entire crowd rise to their feet in shock at seeing the WWE Champion, Raw's Triple H stroll out to the stage with a face like thunder. He stops & looks into the crowd, reacting with a chorus of boos for The Game. He responds by giving the same contempt, only with his eyes as he heads off down the ramp and into the ring, picking a microphone up off the apron in the process. Wearing a suit and with the WWE title draped over his shoulder, he walks into the centre of the ring and looks angrily into the stands as his music stops, bringing out the deafening amount of boos being thrown at him. They don't change his mood though as he already looks like he could throttle some of the innocent kids in the front row.

Triple H:
I realise this isn't Raw but there's something that I have t' say an' say t'night before the Royal Rumble this Sunday. Anyone can see that Eric Bischoff has a problem with me, so much so that he's forcing me to defend my WWE Championship in the Royal Rumble match.

*Big Pop*

Triple H: That however is barely the tip of the iceberg. That's not enough f' Bischoff because he's made me the number one entry in the Rumble match.

*More Cheers*

Triple H: I don't expect any sympathy from you but the fact is this is nothing but victimisation. It's there f' all t' see. Then the other night, stood not even a foot away from me he lied right to my face. He lied about knowing whether Randy Orton was there or not, just like he's lied about this just being business. This is personal. Why else would he do what he did on Raw? He let me believe I had a chance of winning the number 30 spot knowing full well he was going t' set me up f' a fall. I won that gauntlet match then he brings out Orton after he lied about not knowing if he'd be there or not. That Bischoff was the final straw. You might think you've made this big decision t' have the WWE title up f' grabs in the Royal Rumble, but guess what? You an' all these people might think it's happening, but right now I'm telling you it's not. I'm calling it off.

*Major Heat*

Triple H: You can boo all night long it won't change a thing. This is an obvious case of victimisation that there's ever been an' I won't. . .

"I'm all grown up now. . ."

A big pop greets the Executive Vice-President, Stephanie McMahon, The Game's ex-wife as she walks out into the arena smiling. The WWE Champion though isn't smiling one bit though as he watches her walk down into the ring without a care in the world, walking past him to collect a microphone. Her music stops and she turns back, walking towards her ex-husband, still smiling, clearly amused by his situation.

Stephanie McMahon:
Oh Hun'er, where do I start? Putting our marriage an' divorce aside I'm sorry that I'm the one t' tell you this but you certainly don't have any kind of power to call off any match, let alone one of this magnitude.

*Big Pop*

Stephanie McMahon: You don't have a case an' you know it. I'm sure you think you do but you don't. Eric Bischoff hasn't victimised you in any shape or form, an' I think it's worth saying that had you pedigreed me like you did him a few weeks ago, you wouldn't even be in the position to defend the WWE title this Sunday because I'd 'ave stripped you like that (clicks her fingers).

*More Cheers*

Stephanie McMahon: You can complain all you want, it won't get you anywhere. I heard earlier t'night in fact that you complained to the board of directors about your so called treatment, so I'm here to give you an official response on behalf of the board.

Triple H can sense that he's not going to receive good news as he stares angrily at his almost smug ex-wife.

Stephanie McMahon:
We feel that Eric Bischoff's decision to have you defend the WWE title in the Royal Rumble match is a tremendous business move. You more than anyone will know how much it takes f' me to compliment Bischoff but right now every single fan is talking about the Royal Rumble because of that decision. They have been since he announced that decision. We can't ignore that. It's got ev'ryone here t'night excited. It's got fans all around the world excited. It's got all the superstars in the back excited. Even I, despite my own personal circumstances as a recently divorced woman an' single parent, I can't wait t' see you defend the WWE title against 29 other men.


Triple H: Of course you do. You're enjoying this more than anyone. I bet you an' Bischoff have put this plan t'gether. You might have these people fooled that you're this strong business woman but I know you. I've seen you throwing your weight around here since I kicked you t' the curb. You're doing what you always do when you don't get your own way. You're just daddy's spoiled little girl abusing the tiniest shred of authority you have. I'm not the only one who's seen it, but you don't see it because you're so spoiled. You don't have a clue what you're doing. You don't get the message but you will t'night. I'll make you see it if you don't do what you should an' reverse Bischoff's decision, because I will not defend the WWE Championship in the Royal Rumble.

The Game stares right at her, and her smile is gone. She's getting angrier by the second as she stares back at him, trying not to seem intimidated, if of course she is.

"My Time is Now"

A massive pop breaks out with some boos mixed in as John Cena hits the stage. He stops & salutes the fans before heading down the ramp, eyes locked on the ring as Triple H steps back and furiously watches Cena making his way up the steps and into the ring. Cena stops and looks at The Game, then casually shakes hands with Steph before walking over to get a microphone of his own as the music comes to a stop. He turns round and walks over to stand alongside Stephanie with Triple H just staring intensely at him.

John Cena:
Hun'er Hun'er Hun'er, you're so predictable. Ev'ryone but you can see what a great idea it was by Bischoff t' make you defend the WWE title in the Royal Rumble. It's genius. Hell I'm excited an' I'm not even in the match.


John Cena: Like these people, I've never been so excited about a Rumble match but we all see what's goin' on here. You're scared, an' let's face it, you've got good reason t' be. Although Hun'er, threatening a woman, the mother of your kids. That's not cool dog. As bad as things might seem, this isn't Steph's fault. This is a chance f' you t' make y'self a legend. The funny thing is there's definitely gonna be a new World Heavyweight Champion when I get in the ring with Punk, an' the odds say we're gonna see a new WWE Champion too.

*More Cheers*

John Cena: But hey, it's not all bad. You're thinkin' 'bout this in completely the wrong way. There have been winners from number one before y'know, but Hun'er. . .

Cena walks towards The Game, getting real close to his face.

John Cena:
. . . I just don't think you're gonna be one of 'em.

*Big Pop*

Triple H is mad, it's there for all to see, but Cena's not intimidated by him one bit.

John Cena:
There's so many guys who don't just wanna win the Rumble, they wanna be WWE Champion. This sort of thing just doesn't happen. It's huge, an' if I didn't already have a world title match Sunday night I'd be jealous. . . It all though boils down t' one thing Hun'er. . . You're gonna be walkin' in t' the Rumble as a world champion an' I won't. The thing is I'm gonna be walkin' out a world champion an' you're not.

The WWE Champion stares a hole right through Cena, somehow keeping himself from tearing into him with Cena smirking right back at him. A sound can be heard and we cut to the tron where we saw CM Punk live via satellite from his home, unenthusiastically clapping.

CM Punk:
Well look what we have here. After hearing last week Steph that you weren't going t' get involved I was very much looking forward to watching the show t'night without having t' listen t' your annoying voice, yet low an' behold here you are yet again. I guess I should've known better than t' get my hopes up. If only we could get rid of you as easily as your ex-husband did.


There's some awkward looks in the ring before we go back to the tron.

CM Punk:
Quite frankly Hun'er I don't think anyone could care less about your problems right now. At least you still have your title unlike me. If it wasn't f' you putting her in this mood she's been in since she's not been gettin' any I'd still be the World Heavyweight Champion an' I wouldn't be sat at home like I am right now. However I won't be sat at home much longer. Sunday night Hun'er you'll be fighting t' keep your title an' I'll be fighting t' get my mine back. Y'know the one you stole from me Steph last month, an' I want you t' listen t' this because I want t' make it crystal clear f' your sake. If you so much as even think about screwing me over like you did at Night of Champions, I will have no problem putting you t' sleep an' walking the hell out of the company with that falling on your head.


CM Punk: Now John I couldn't help but hear what you said last week t' Steph, an' I congratulate you f' telling her like it is. It doesn't however change the way I feel about you being World Champion, especially after ev'rything that's happened. At least we know there's going t' be a winner, an' if Steph keeps her spoiled little ass out of the way it'll be me.

*Heat (with some cheers)*

CM Punk: I've got no doubt in mind that I'll walk out of the Rumble as World Champion, as I should. To avoid saying anything else that may damage the image of this precious company I'm gonna sign off there. . . John, I'll see y'Sunday. Steph, f' your sake I hope I don't see you.

We return to the ring with everyone looking very serious.

Triple H:
Look, I didn't come here t' listen to anyone else's problems. The only problem I care about is my own. . .

John Cena: . . . Yeah we heard. The only problem you've got is you know your time as WWE Champion's all but up.

The Game walks right into Cena's face, looking right into his eyes.

Triple H:
I think you should watch your mouth.

John Cena: Yeah, or what?

Stephanie McMahon: Hey, if you two wanna fight, it's not going t' happen like this. Actually thinking about it, I have an idea. Not only will you defend the WWE title in the Royal Rumble Sunday Hun'er, t'night you're gonna go one-on-one with John Cena.

*Huge Pop*

The crowd goes crazy as Triple H looks past Cena and at Stephanie who just smirks back at him before turning round to leave the ring. "I'm All Grown Up Now" plays and Cena does the same with the WWE Champion not at all happy as he turns back to look at his opponent for tonight with Stephanie walking back up the ramp.

Michael Cole:
What an announcement right there. Later on t'night in our main event, John Cena will take on the WWE Champion Triple H. What a match that will be.

Matt Striker: I'm in shock. Not only that Triple H is here on Smackdown, but facing John Cena too. That's huge Michael.

The new WWE Tag Team Champions, Paul London & Brian Kendrick are shown backstage on their way to the ring looking very relaxed indeed with their newly won titles around their waists.

Michael Cole:
There are the WWE Tag Team Champions, an' when we come back folks, Paul London an' Brian Kendrick will be in action. Don't go far!

*Commercial Break*

Michael Cole:
We heard just before the break from Stephanie McMahon that later on t'night, our main event will see her ex-husband, the WWE Champion Triple H take on the man who forfeited the World Heavyweight Championship that he'll fight for this Sunday, John Cena. What a match that is going t' be with both men having so much at stake at the Royal Rumble two nights from now.

Michael Cole: We're also going t' see two men who've had their disagreements as of late go at it when 'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels, like John Cena will be in action against a Raw superstar in the shape of Chris Jericho.

Michael Cole: It doesn't end there though people. Right here t'night live on Smackdown, two brothers who both have their sights set on winning the Royal Rumble and the WWE Championship Sunday night will collide head on when Christian goes one-on-one with Edge. What a night it's going t' be.

With a wry smile on her face, Stephanie McMahon is walking backstage, turns a corner and the General Manager of Smackdown, Tazz walks up to her, clearly in one foul mood.

What the hell was that? Have you f'gotten what you said last week about making decisions I should be making? What are you playing at making t'night's main event?

Stephanie McMahon: First of all I don't appreciate you getting in my face like this but the fact of the matter is that I was dealing with Triple H's problem. Triple H is a Raw superstar, not a Smackdown superstar, meaning that doesn't fall under your due restriction.

Tazz: I don't care. He's on my show an. . .

Stephanie McMahon: . . . That's irrelevant. Eric Bischoff wasn't here to deal with the situation that presented itself. He wanted out of the Royal Rumble. That isn't your problem to deal with, it's mine.

Tazz: Alright fair enough. The main event though, that wasn't your decision t' make.

Stephanie McMahon: I disagree.

Tazz: Oh you do huh?

Stephanie McMahon: Hey, don't give me that attitude. May I remind you who calls the shots around here. If you want to continue showing me disrespect. . .

Tazz: . . . I'm disrespecting you?

Stephanie McMahon: Right now, yes you are, and if you continue t' do so I won't be afraid to deal with you like I just dealt with my ex-husband. Now is that all?

Tazz just stands there trying not to say something he regrets shaking his head slightly.

Stephanie McMahon:
I'll take that as a yes.

Steph walks right past him leaving the GM standing there fuming, and he throws his cup of coffee against the wall, breathing very heavily indeed, and it appears that all really is not well now between the General Manager and the Executive Vice-President.


*Video Recap*
From Last Week!

WWE Tag Team Championship
Paul London & Brian Kendrick
vs. The Empire (c) w/William Regal & Katie Lee

Barrett somehow gets his shoulder up to the shock of everyone in the arena, London especially. He can't believe it as he sits up, dropping his head into his hands. McIntyre breathes a sigh of relief on the apron, and Regal & Katie do the same on the outside. Kendrick though shouts some encouragement to his partner, and as London looks down at Barrett, he sees that he's not moving yet. London stands back up and drags him closer to the corner, and he heads up to the top rope to a huge roar from the Georgia crowd. He looks down at Barrett, still barely moving. He leaps up into the air for the SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!!. . . . . HE HITS IT, IT'S OVER!!!. . . . . London reaches to the side and hooks the near leg for the cover. . . . .

1. . . . .

2. . . . .

. . . . .

Regal puts Barrett's left boot onto the bottom rope to a ton of heat, and the ref sees the boot there to stop the count. Kendrick sees it and jumps down off the apron to get into it with Regal, but Katie pushes her way past Regal to unleash a verbal tirade at Kendrick. London stands up and looks on, as does the referee with Regal stepping away from the confrontation. He reaches into his trouser pocket and slides something into the ring at Barrett. His fellow Englishman sits up in the ring and quickly grabs what appear to be brass knucks, just like at Night of Champions.

The ref turns round and notices, unlike London, and the ref tells Barrett to take them off when Paul Burchill & TJ Wilson stomp their way down the ramp. McIntyre & Regal see them, and the Scot jumps off the apron, heading round to the ramp with Regal with Katie still going at it with Kendrick. London watches on as the ref takes the knucks off Barrett, who runs at London from behind and knocks him down to the mat. Barrett then sees the former champions, and now Harry Smith & Natalya Neidhart following. Smith's still wearing his ankle boot as Burchill & Wilson get into a heated exchange with Regal & McIntyre.

Kendrick climbs back on the apron as Barrett hurls abuse at their rivals too with the ref trying to calm things down, stepping outside. London claws his way back up and crawls across the mat behind the oblivious Barrett. Kendrick sees what's going on and runs across the apron to kick Barrett in the face with everyone on the outside missing it. Barrett spins round in a daze, and London, back on his feet, nails him with another thunderous SUPER KICK!!!. . . . . Barrett hits the deck and Kendrick steps into the ring, then runs the ropes.

Burchill & Wilson see him coming and point to Regal & McIntyre, who turn round to see Kendrick FLY THROUGH THE ROPES TO TAKE THEM DOWN WITH A SUICIDE DIVE!!!. . . . . Regal & McIntyre hit the floor as London looks on with Barrett down & out. He sees the opportunity and hits the top rope again with the crowd going nuts. Kendrick stands up and looks on as London jumps into the sky again, connecting with the SHOOTING STAR PRESS TO A MASSIVE ROAR!!!. . . . . This has to be it and London makes the cover, hooking both legs with the ref making the count and the fans counting along with him. . . . .

1. . . . .

2. . . . .

. . . . . 3?

YES, WE HAVE NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!. . . . . "Hey You" blasts out to an almighty pop in the arena as Kendrick rushes into the ring to celebrate with London, and the new champions embrace in a big guy hug, both elated as the ref goes to collect their titles. Justin Matthews announces them as the new champions and the ref raises their arms and they lift their titles into the air, both very emotional. They hug again as Regal, McIntyre & Katie look on in shock on the outside.

Regal & McIntyre sit up on the floor in disbelief with The UK Pack smiling at what they're seeing, The Empire getting their just desserts after what happened at Night of Champions. Katie screams out in horror as London & Kendrick hit the corner, celebrating with their titles with the crowd still going crazy for them. Burchill, Wilson, Smith & Natalya back up the ramp, still smiling as the champs continue to celebrate with Barrett coming round, not having a clue what happened. The champions step off the ropes and look into the stands one more time with The Empire looking on shell shocked & furious!


*The Opening Match*
Non-Title Match
Paul London & Brian Kendrick
vs. Petey Williams & Johnny Devine

The new WWE Tag Team Champions were welcomed to a huge pop and were out to entertain, and they did just that. Williams did manage to bring him & Petey into the match, but the champions were fired-up to the max and came charging back into it. London managed to a hit a enzuigiri on Devine when he tried to make a tag with Devine holding his foot in an attempt to stop him. London jumped up and nailed the Canadian in the head to tag in Kendrick. His partner came in flying, and after hitting a tornado DDT, he looked all set to pick up the win until Petey hit the ring to stop the count. Kendrick saw him coming though and ducked under his arm to nail him with a super kick. Devine unwittingly made his way back up in a spin, turning into Kendrick's path who planted him with the Sliced Bread to pick up the win for the champions. London joined his partner in the ring with "Hey You" playing, and after celebrating with the titles on the ropes, they were attacked by The Empire. Drew McIntyre nailed Kendrick with a big boot and Wade Barrett turned London in half with a thunderous lariat. With the fans booing the hell out of them, McIntyre drilled Kendrick with the Future Shock DDT before Barrett hit The Wasteland on London. The former champions stared down at their opponents with Katie Lee holding the Union Jack while also admiring her fellow Brit's work as William Regal went to get a microphone, then handed it to Barrett.

Winners: Paul London & Brian Kendrick by pinfall.

Wade Barrett: You might've got lucky last week but I assure you that your title reign will be even shorter than ours. Not only will we defeat you and reclaim our titles Sunday at the Royal Rumble, but when we do we will cover you with the Union Jack to mark our victory. Believe me, the only thing worse than losing the titles last week was losing them to Americans.

*Major Heat*

Wade Barrett: Don't despair however, it won't be long until we again become tag team champions that the entire world can be proud of.

More boos meet Barrett's words, but he and the rest of The Empire stand tall in the ring over the squirming champions looking very assure of their chances of regaining the titles in two nights.

Michael Cole:
If we didn't know already that The Empire will be desperate to take back the tag team titles they lost last week we just found out that they will be going all out t' do just that at the Royal Rumble.

Matt Striker: And I wouldn't underestimate them in the slightest. Paul London an' Brian Kendrick are a terrific team Michael. There is absolutely no question about that but they will be in for a very difficult night Sunday, even with the rest of The Empire barred from ringside.

Michael Cole: That could well be a defining factor. The last two times we've seen the titles change hands in the last month, it's been largely down to outside interference. That won't be a factor this time and we will be left in no doubt as to who deserves to be the tag team champions by the time the night is through.

The WWE Champion, Triple H is walking through the back, still looking furious when he walks into the path of 'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels & Bryan Danielson. Michaels smirks, but The Game doesn't look pleased at all to see his former D-Generation X team-mate.

Shawn Michaels:
Hun'er, how's it goin' buddy? I just wanna say I know you've got a tough job on y'hands Sunday, but hey, f' old time sake, good luck my man.

Michaels steps closer to him and taps him on the shoulder as he looks to walk past him.

Shawn Michaels:
I think you're gonna need it.

Danielson smirks and Michaels goes to walk past Triple H, but the WWE Champion puts out his arm to block him in his path and pushes him back slightly, staring furiously at the man he used to call his best friend.

Shawn Michaels:
Hey I didn't mean anything by it. I'm just sayin' man, it's not gonna be easy. Look at this way, you've been sayin' f' years you're the number one guy. You've got this covered, 'cause Sunday one thing you're sure as hell gonna be is number one.

Danielson smirks again as The Game continues staring at Michaels, and The Heartbreak Kid brushes his way past him with a smirk on his face too, leaving the WWE Champion absolutely raging inside.

*Commercial Break*

The Diva's Champion, Beth Phoenix is having photos taken of her backstage, posing with her title. The photographer tells her to turn the side a bit and into the scene walks O.D.B. She's sipping from her flask and watches, making Beth very uneasy, and O.D.B. starts sn-iggering.

Hey, if you want a good shot of her, you should've got one last week when I put her on her ass.

O.D.B. takes another sip from her flask and Beth looks pissed off.

Beth Phoenix:
Can we stop f' a minute?

The Glamazon walks right up to O.D.B.

Beth Phoenix:
Y'know you were really tough last week attacking me from behind. How about you try your luck t'night, only I won't be turning around?

O.D.B. doesn't look happy at all.

Are you calling me a coward?

Beth Phoenix: Well that's not exactly what I said but if the hat fits.

O.D.B.: I'm not wearing a hat.

Beth laughs as O.D.B. checks to make sure she hasn't got a hat on her head, then sees Beth laughing at her, and it doesn't go down well.

I hope you ain't laughing at me bitch, not if you want your ass kicked again.

Beth Phoenix: That's not gonna happen unless I turn around is it bitch?

O.D.B. sn-iggers again and looks at the photographer, then nails Beth with a right hand, putting the Diva's Champion on the floor. The photographer looks shocked as Beth gets right back up and fights back, shoving each other around into the wall. A number of officials race in and try to break it up as they hit the floor and roll around, but they manage to pull them off each other.

Beth Phoenix:
Come on you crazy bitch.

O.D.B.: Yeah? Bring it.

The officials struggle to keep them apart but just about manage to with the two feisty divas desperately trying to get at each other.

*Match #2*
Royal Rumble Showcase Match
J-Red vs. TJ Wilson w/Natalya Neidhart
Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez

These three men put on a show, Red & Wilson especially with Del Rio-Ramirez the more aggressive than entertaining of the trio. The Cruiserweight Champion (Red) was in command and was on the verge of victory when he dodged a springboard neckbreaker from TJ who crash landed into the canvas. Red went to the apron himself as Natalya looked on, concerned for Wilson with Del Rio-Ramirez coming round across the ring. The fans were cheering J-Red on as he steadied himself on the apron, watching TJ claw his way back up, and when he did Red sprung into action and connected with the Red Alert, a springboard reverse STO. The fans were on their feet cheering but Del Rio-Ramirez charged across the mat and tossed Red out of the ring to make the cover on TJ himself to pick up the win. The Mexican was booed as he stood up to get his arm raised, looking smug as hell as Natalya slid in the ring to check on her boyfriend.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez by pinfall.

Michael Cole: Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez may have made a name for himself in Mexico an' t'night he's started t' make a name f' himself in the WWE. Can he make a name f' himself by winning the Royal Rumble this Sunday? We don't have long t' wait t' find out.

Josh Matthews is standing by backstage at the interview set.

Josh Matthews:
Please welcome my guest at this time, Chris Jericho.

The camera zooms out and there stands a very serious looking Chris Jericho in his ring gear.

Josh Matthews:
Chris, we're just two nights away from the Royal Rumble in which you will be one of the 30 men battling t' be the WWE Champion. T'night though you will be in one-on-one action against another superstar who'll be looking to win the Royal Rumble match this Sunday in Shawn Michaels, and some would say that given he's won the Rumble on two occasions he's one of the favourites to win this weeken. . .

Chris Jericho: . . . May I remind you Josh that it's 13 years since he won the Royal Rumble. He's been in several since without success. I however will be the one tasting success this Sunday when I am the last man standing and the new WWE Champion. Shawn Michaels has had his time in the limelight. His Royal Rumble victories, his title reigns an' Mr WrestleMania status are all in the past. He won't outlast 29 other men like I will for one simple reason, I am in the best in the world at what I do. I will be the one to headline the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania as the WWE Champion. Once I defeat him t'night I will go on to prove I am exactly what I say I am, and no one will be able to deny it.

Suddenly, Raw's Intercontinental Champion, Sheamus walks into the shot in his ring gear too, walking right up to Jericho, catching him & Josh off guard.

Chris, how y'doin' fella? Y'ready f' our match?

Chris Jericho: Our match? What are you talking about?

Sheamus: De tag match. I spoke wit' Tazz earlier t'night an' he made de match wit' you an' Shawn a tag team match against him an' dat Danielson fella. It's next. What y'waiting for fella?

Jericho shakes his head but follows the Intercontinental Champion as they prepare to take on the Smackdown duo on their own patch.

Michael Cole:
Well it appears coming up next it'll be Raw's Chris Jericho an' Sheamus taking on Smackdown's Shawn Michaels an' Bryan Danielson. Don't go far folks. It should be a great contest.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*


*Video Recap*
From Raw Monday Night!

"Sexy Boy"

The crowd goes wild as Shawn Michaels struts out to the stage, followed by Bryan Danielson, both in a very relaxed demeanour tonight as the Smackdown duo stroll down the ramp all smiles, slapping hands with the fans before entering the ring. The Heartbreak Kid picks a microphone up off the apron and steps through the ropes, holding them down for his protégé. They walk into centre stage and look into the crowd, soaking up the ovation as Michaels' music cuts, bringing out chants of "HBK".

Shawn Michaels:
It's always great t' come back t' Raw an' t'night's no diff'rent. Sunday however is going t' be very diff'rent, an' that's what brings us here t'night. F' the first time in hist'ry, the WWE Championship will be defended in the Royal Rumble. It's got ev'ryone excited, us included. It's a special night f' ev'ryone taking part, however it won't be the first Royal Rumble I've been in where the WWE title's been up f' grabs. That's happened only once before, 17 long years ago, but as I stand here right now I can honestly say that this is the biggest Royal Rumble of all time.

*More Cheers*

"It's a shame that they lost their heads. . ."

A ton of boos are thrown from the stands at the Intercontinental Champion, Sheamus as he walks out to the stage. Wearing his trunks and a T-shirt with the Intercontinental title around his waist, he looks down shaking his head at Michaels & Danielson. He sets off down the ring, shaking his head at the fans in the front row too, and as he gets in the ring he walks past Michaels & Danielson, still relaxed and not bothered it would seem by Sheamus's interruption. He gets a microphone and turns round, walking over to them with his music stopping.

You guys are right, ev'ryone is excited about de Royal Rumble Sunday but dat doesn't give you or any other Smackdown superstars de right t' waltz on over here takin' up my time.

*More Heat*

Sheamus: You were also right about one other t'ing, it was a long long time ago you won de Rumble, so much so I f'got you even won it which is funny 'cause you can f'get about winnin' it dis year too, an' so can y'little buddy. Dare's only one person who's gonna win de Rumble an' dat's me once I win de gauntlet match later on t'night. When dat number 30 spot's mine, de Rumble's in de bag, den I'll become both de Intercontinental an' WWE Champion.

*Chorus of Boos*

Sheamus: When dat happens fella, I'll have more dan just one title dan you old man.

The fans boo again as Sheamus smirks smugly at Michaels, but he & Danielson don't seem too bothered by the Irishman's statement with Michaels asking for the microphone back from Danielson, and he gets it.

Shawn Michaels:
Y'know, I like confidence, but fella if you think that's all gonna happen you're settin' y'self up f' one hell of a fall my man.

Michaels drops the microphone and nods at Sheamus before turning round with Danielson following.

Oy, wait right dare Michaels.

Michaels & Danielson turn round.

You're just gonna walk away from me are ya? De only one settin' demself up f' a fall fella is you. See unlike you I'm not past it, an' I sure don't need luck.

The Celtic Warrior lifts up his Intercontinental title to a ton of heat from the Kansas City fans.

Sunday it won't just be dis title I'll be holdin' Shawn, it'll be de WWE title too.

Michaels smirks with Sheamus standing there confidently and the fans booing. The Heartbreak Kid turns to Danielson and turns back to take Sheamus's head off with some sweet chin music. The crowd erupts as Sheamus hits the mat with his title falling with him. "Sexy Boy" hits again and Danielson & Michaels smile at each other before leaving the ring, heading back up the ramp, again slapping hands with the fans.


*Match #3*
Shawn Michaels & Bryan Danielson
vs. Chris Jericho & Sheamus

The fans were into this even contest with all four having a strong outing going into the Rumble, and going into the closing minutes it looked like Sheamus was going to get an upset victory on Michaels. The Heartbreak Kid had managed to cling on after the Walls of Jericho before Sheamus hit the ring, and the Intercontinental Champion was denied the win when Michaels kicked out of the Irish Curse. Sheamus went to finish the match with the High Cross but Michaels slid down and caught him with a single arm DDT. Both men crawled to the corners and tagged their partners, and after Danielson & Jericho went at it, Sheamus stormed the ring as both men picked themselves back up. They were both groggy after a superplex and Sheamus charged at Danielson for the Brogue Kick, but he ducked and the Irishman hit his own partner to a huge pop. The rattled Sheamus then ran at Danielson by the ropes and fell over the top to the outside. Michaels then got the tag and tuned up the band to a huge pop from the crowd before nailing Jericho with the Sweet Chin Music to a massive roar, and the fans continued to cheer him & Danielson at the bell.

Winners: Shawn Michaels & Bryan Danielson by pinfall.

Michael Cole:
Michaels an' Danielson pick up a great win here t'night, an' they'll head into Sunday night on a roll.

We're shown a split screen with Dolph Ziggler on one side & M.V.P. the other in their ring gear heading to the ring.

Michael Cole:
When we come back it'll be M.V.P. going one-on-one with the number one contender for the United States Championship this Sunday, Dolph Ziggler. We'll see you in a few minutes.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*

"I Am Perfection"

A ton of boos are thrown at Dolph Ziggler as he struts out to the stage looking very relaxed indeed. He shrugs off the heat without a care in the world as he heads down the ramp and into the ring, borrowing a microphone from Justin Roberts. His music hits and the boos ring out, still not bothering Ziggler in the least.

Dolph Ziggler:
Y'know I've heard how Ted DiBiase's bein' complaining about how my opponent at the Royal Rumble shouldn't have been the Breakout Star of the Year an' he's right, but the fact is he shouldn't either. Had I been around f' the King of the Ring it would've been me. I'd be the one stood here going into the Rumble as the King of the Ring, the Breakout Star of the Year an' the United States Champion.


Dolph Ziggler: It doesn't matter, 'cause in just two nights I might not become the King of the Ring but I will be the new United States Champion.

*More Boos*

Dolph Ziggler: It's my time, an' I'll prove I'm twice the star Matt Sydal is. He might be your hero or your underdog but you're all going t' be disappointed at the Royal Rumble when I beat hi. . .

"I'm comin', no one can stop me, no one can hold me. . ."

A big pop greets M.V.P. as he bursts out to the stage, heading to both sides of the stage to get the fans going even more. Ziggler looks on from the ring, not happy at the interruption it would seem. M.V.P. calmly walks down the ramp, looking up at his opponent, letting him know he's coming to fight.

*Match #4*
M.V.P. vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler was in an extremely confident mood at the start of the contest, and M.V.P. wasn't about to roll over. The fans cheered even more after taunts from Ziggler started to come back to haunt him with M.V.P. taking control of the contest, and as the match was in its final stages M.V.P. looked all set to seal the win. With Ziggler using the ropes to make his way back up in the corner, M.V.P. ran in at him for the Facewash, but Ziggler stepped out of the corner and quickly rolled him up, only going getting a two though with M.V.P. kicking out. He came close with a leg drop bulldog too and when he missed with the Zig Zag, M.V.P. was gearing up for the Drive By Kick. Dolph though dodged that and this time connected with the Zig Zag to get the win. The fans booed as he stood up with a smirk on his face to hear himself announced as the winner, but after getting his arm raised, he left the ring and approached Justin Roberts, picking up another microphone with Roberts standing there baffled.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler by pinfall.

Dolph Ziggler: That's just not gonna cut it. I want you to announce me as not just the winner t'night but the next United States Champion.

Boos echo around the arena as Roberts tries to tell Ziggler he doesn't want to.

Dolph Ziggler:
What I'm asking's not hard. All you have t' do is say your next United States Champion DOLPH ZIGG-LER.

*Major Heat*

Dolph Ziggler: What are you waiting for? I'm not asking you, I'm telling you.

Roberts again shakes his head and Ziggler loses it, dropping the microphone and grabbing his jacket with both hands. He screams at him and a big pop breaks out. Matt Sydal runs down the ramp and round the ring to pull Ziggler off Roberts. Dolph's shocked & furious, and he shoves Sydal. The United States Champion shoves him back, pissing Ziggler off even more and he throws a right hand at him. Sydal blocks it though and hammers with a right hand, then tries for another, but Ziggler blocks it this time and fires him crashing into the steel steps. Sydal hits them with force and the top step falls to the side with Ziggler watching on with a sadistic smile on his face. Sydal's girlfriend, Mickie James runs down the ramp to check on her boyfriend as "Perfection" plays with Ziggler backing away laughing at the fans in the front row. Mickie stares angrily at him as Sydal, hurting, tries to sit up, staring furiously in Dolph's direction, not that he's bothered by all the hate in the arena for him.

Michael Cole:
There's no doubt how much Dolph Ziggler wants the United States Championship but I think he might just've made Matt Sydal all that more determined not to let that happen.

Matt Striker: That could well be true Michael but remember, Matt Sydal has lost both his matches with Ziggler. This time the title will be on the line. It'll be a very close match that's f' sure.

Both ready for action and looking incredibly determined, a split screen of 'Captain Charisma' Christian & 'The Rated-R Superstar' Edge are shown making their way through the back.

Michael Cole:
Coming up next we're going t' see what should be one hell of a match, when the two brothers from Toronto, Christian an' Edge go one-on-one. You won't want t' miss this one I promise you. Whatever you do don't go anywhere.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*

>This Sunday!<

T.I. ft. Rihanna "Live Your Life"

Michael Cole:
We're just two nights away from the 2009 Royal Rumble, without doubt the most anticipated Royal Rumble of all time.

Michael Cole: For the first time in history, the WWE Championship will be defended in the Rumble match when Triple H, not only defends his WWE title, he defends it as the first superstar to enter the Rumble. Earlier on t'night he tried to pull the plug on the match but was unsuccessful, an' the odds are he'll be unsuccessful again this Sunday.

Matt Striker: The odds certainly do suggest we will see a new WWE Champion. Who that superstar maybe is anyone's guess. Randy Orton gave himself ev'ry chance after winning the number 30 spot on Raw Monday night. It remains t' be seen whether The Viper will head to Raw next Monday as the WWE Champion, and there'll be a whole host of other superstars trying t' do just that.

Michael Cole: Like ev'ryone else I can't wait f' the Royal Rumble match but these two will. Only one of them will get the chance to fight for the WWE Championship when these two brothers meet one-on-one with the winner going on later in the night to become the 30th entrant in the Rumble match.

Matt Striker: This has become very personal between Kofi Kingston an' his brother Jay. Jay Lethal is desperate to get what he calls payback for Kofi walking out on his family to become a WWE superstar. Kofi on the other hand appeared reluctant on Raw.

Michael Cole: He did, but if he wants to be part of the Royal Rumble he'll have no choice but to fight and beat his brother. Four other Raw superstars will be in action outside of the Rumble when John Morrison an' the now cleared to compete Justin Gabriel team up for the first time to meet the team of The Miz an' Zack Ryder.

Matt Striker: I know there are a lot of people who are hoping to see Miz an' Ryder get what they deserve after attacking Morrison an' Gabriel on Raw last week before their scheduled match. They're sore losers an' cowards. I too hope that they will be losers this Sunday.

Michael Cole: Dolph Ziggler is a man on a mission right now, demanding moments ago to be announced as the next United States Champion. We'll find out two nights from now whether he will be the next United States Champion or not when he meets Matt Sydal with the title on the line.

Matt Striker: Ziggler has two recent victories over Sydal under his belt. This time the title is up f' grabs. He referred to Sydal as an underdog earlier for a reason. When the cards are down Sydal has come out fighting against the odds on the big occasion to be victorious. Will that be the case again on Sunday?

Michael Cole: Our new tag team champions Paul London an' Brian Kendrick got a wake up call t'night when The Empire let them know in no uncertain terms that they will be going all out to get the titles they lost last week back when they lock horns in Greensboro this weekend.

Matt Striker: It should be a very compelling contest with the entire locker room, particularly The UK Pack and the remainder of The Empire barred from ringside.

Michael Cole: It's an extra twist t' see who deserves t' be tag team champions, much like this contest when we will crown an undisputed World Heavyweight Champion in a rematch from Night of Champions when John Cena meets CM Punk in a No Holds Barred match with one fall to a finish.

Matt Striker: This match promises to be an absolute classic. We have two men who are absolutely hell bent on being the deserved World Champion, so much so that John Cena forfeited the world title three weeks ago. Hopefully we won't have a repeat of their last encounter after Stephanie McMahon's role in that match. We do have some assurances from Tazz that either of them will get involved, but given how his an' Stephanie's relationship is right now anything is possible.

Michael Cole: Well one thing that we are guaranteed is a new World Heavyweight Champion, and in two nights we'll find out exactly who that is. . . John Cena or CM Punk. Whatever you do, this is one show you can't afford t' miss. It's the most highly anticipated Royal Rumble of all time for a reason. Make sure you don't miss out it on because you will regret it.


*Video Recap*
From Last Week!

Bryan Danielson vs. Edge

'Captain Charisma' Christian came out to join Michael Cole & Matt Striker at the announce table, not going down well with Edge at all. The Rated-R Superstar quickly realised he has a challenge on his hands in the ring, and the crowd have gotten right behind Danielson. Danielson whips Edge into the ropes, but Edge holds onto the top rope. Danielson isn't happy and runs right at him, into a raised boot that sends him staggering away. He turns round and Edge races across the mat, into a drop toe hold and the LEBELL LOCK!!!. . . . .

The fans cheer like mad as Danielson puts the pressure on Edge who looks worried, desperately reaching out his right hand towards the ropes, but he's nowhere near. The fans scream at him to tap, but he doesn't with Danielson red-faced, hell bent on making him tap. Slowly Edge drags himself across the mat, trying to get to the ropes. Danielson tries to hold firm and the fans look worried as Edge gets closer, and he manages to drag himself to the ropes to a ton of heat. Danielson lets the hold go and backs away, and Edge pulls himself under the bottom rope to the outside.

Danielson can only watch as Edge stands back up, staring right at Christian. The Rated-R Superstar still isn't happy to see him there and walks towards him, getting right in his face and talking smack at him. Christian stands up and gives it him right back, pissing Edge off no end, but he turns his head, then catches his brother with a cheap shot. He knocks Christian to the floor to more heat as Danielson sneaks up from behind and tosses him back in the ring. He rolls back in himself and helps Edge up, but the Canadian reacts quickly to stomp him in the gut and drill him with the EDGECUTION!!!. . . . .

The fans aren't happy as the smug Rated-R Superstar stands back up and retreats to the corner, looking very pleased with himself. All of a sudden Christian jumps up on the apron, trying to get in the ring and at his brother. The ref blocks him off and Edge stands there laughing at his brother. He taunts the furious Christian, who sees Danielson picking himself back up. Christian calms down and talks some smack back, luring his brother towards him. Danielson sits up and sees the opportunity, sneaking up behind Edge and rolling him up. . . . .

1. . . . .

2. . . . .

. . . . . 3!

Danielson gets it and slips out of the ring in a flash, getting his arm raised by the referee as Edge sits up in shock, staring at the ref in desperation as he heads out to raise the smiling Danielson's hand. Edge turns his attention to his brother, and Christian smirks back at him, getting right under Edge's skin. Edge stands up and begs Christian to get in the ring with him, and he gets what he wants. Christian steps through the ropes as Danielson walks through the curtain. Captain Charisma walks up to his brother, both talking smack at each other, and it results in Edge shoving his brother. Christian nods his head, then shoves him back to a pop, but then Tazz rushes out to the stage with a microphone.

Tazz: Alright you two, this has gotta stop. In fact you're both gonna get a warm-up for the Royal Rumble, one-on-one, against each other, brother against brother, right here live next week.

A massive pop breaks out as Tazz stares down at the ring with Edge & Christian glaring at each other.


*Match #5*
Christian vs. Edge

The two brothers went at it tooth & nail from the start, both coming so close on a couple of occasions to picking up a huge victory. Christian had the crowd going bananas when he dodged Edge's attempt at spear and quickly pulled him away from the corner to take him down with the Killswitch. The fans were on their feet counting along with the referee only for Edge to get his foot on the rope. He tried for another but Edge countered with an Edge-O-Matic, and this time Captain Charisma kicked out. Edge desperately tried to put his brother away but couldn't do it, and with Christian squirming on the mat and the ref checking on his condition, Edge retreated to the corner and removed the top turnbuckle pad. The fans tried to make the ref aware but he didn't click, and when Christian picked himself back up, Edge tried to fire him into the corner. Christian reversed it though and Edge just managed to put the brakes on in time, looking like a very relieved man. As he turned round, the oblivious Christian charged at him with Edge showing him a helping hand into the pads. He ran into them chest first with The Rated-R Superstar turning to hit the ropes as Christian turned out of the corner holding his ribs to see Edge coming racing back to hit the Spear and pick up the win. "Metalingus" hit and Edge enjoyed his victory, rubbing the fans' noses in it and then Christian's as he sat up clutching his ribs, looking up at the stage to see his brother smirking down at him.

Winner: Edge by pinfall.

Michael Cole: What a great match that was, an' Edge showed exactly why he is the ultimate opportunist, something that may well see him victorious this Sunday in the Royal Rumble.

Matt Striker: You have to give Edge a very strong chance, and Christian shouldn't think too match about the result t'night. He put up a great fight and should feel fairly confident about his own chances in the Rumble.

We're shown footage of the WWE Champion, Triple H and then John Cena walking through the back with game faces on.

Michael Cole:
We're just minutes away from arguably our biggest main event in a long time here on Smackdown when the WWE Champion Triple H faces John Cena. You won't want t' miss this folks. We'll be back in just a few minutes. Don't go anywhere.

*Commercial Break*

*The Main Event*
Non-Title Match
John Cena vs. Triple H

The WWE Champion was in for quite the fight just days from the biggest fight of his life, and Cena was out to prove a point going into his world title match with CM Punk. It was a real tough contest and The Game was the first to come close to picking up the win after dodging the Five Knuckle Shuffle. When they both were back on their feet Triple H connected with a spinning spinebuster, but Cena kicked out at two. Cena came back fighting, and when Trips pulled him into place for the Pedigree, Cena dropped to his knees and swept away The Game's left leg and applied the STFU to a huge pop. The fans were going crazy as Triple H had to fight to save the match, and he did by just managing to get to the ropes. The majority of the crowd booed but some cheered, and Cena continued on a role, but when he tried to hit the FU, The Game fought his way to the ropes with elbows to the head. He fought his way down and then sent Cena crashing into the pads head first. Trips then left the ring and looked under the apron to pull out a sledgehammer to a huge reaction, mostly negative. He then slid back in the ring with Cena standing back up, but the ref saw him and pulled it off him to a big pop. He went to get rid of the weapon, turning his back on the action to do so as Cena went after The Game, walking right into a low blow and Pedigree. The WWE Champion made the pin and got the three to a ton of heat from the fans. He celebrated by posing defiantly with the WWE title, doing so at the top of the stage as Cena sat up looking frustrated in the ring. As The Game then walked backstage, the tron switched to a shot of CM Punk at home, live via satellite again.

Winner: Triple H by pinfall.

CM Punk: Hey up here John. I just wanna say unlucky t'night, but unlucky is one thing you won't be Sunday. There won't be any luck involved like the last time we met. One of us will leave the Royal Rumble as the World Heavyweight Champion, an' that person John will be me.


CM Punk: There's nothing you can do t' change that. You're absolutely powerless t' stop me getting the world title back. All you can do John is rest up an' I'll see y'Sunday.

Punk smirks confidently into the camera and the shot switches to Cena in the ring standing up looking at him, ready for battle in two nights when the world title is on the line.

Michael Cole:
Triple H scored a big win t'night which he'll be looking to repeat two nights from now when he defends the WWE Championship against 29 other men all fighting to take his title, an' of course we'll finally find out who the undisputed World Heavyweight Champion is. It's going t' be an amazing night Sunday in Greensboro. Make sure you join us folks. Until then, take care an' we'll see you Sunday in Greensboro.

*End of Show*

Quick Results

Paul London & Brian Kendrick df. Petey Williams & Johnny Devine
Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez
df. J-Red & TJ Wilson
Shawn Michaels & Bryan Danielson
df. Chris Jericho & Sheamus
Dolph Ziggler
df. M.V.P.
df. Christian
Triple H
df. John Cena

Superstars Tapings
Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas df. Chris Masters & Johnny Jeter


>Confirmed for the Royal Rumble<

Sunday 18th January 2009 (This Sunday!)
From: Greensboro Coliseum (Greensboro, North Carolina)

WWE Championship
The Royal Rumble Match

Featuring - Raw Superstars: Triple H (c), The Big Show, The Undertaker, Chris Jericho, Sheamus, Homicide, Rey Mysterio, Mystico, Ted DiBiase, Christopher Daniels, Kaval, Carlito, Eddie Colon, Randy Orton (No. 30) & Kofi Kingston or Jay Lethal.
Smackdown Superstars: Shawn Michaels, Christian, Edge, Bryan Danielson, Paul Burchill, TJ Wilson, J-Red, Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas.

(Vacant) World Heavyweight Championship
No Holds Barred – One Fall To A Finish

John Cena vs. CM Punk

United States Championship
Matt Sydal (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

WWE Tag Team Championship
Paul London & Brian Kendrick (c) vs. The Empire

For A Place in the Rumble Match
Kofi Kingston vs. Jay Lethal


John Morrison & Justin Gabriel vs. The Miz & Zack Ryder

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