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Don't WWE understand...

Punk was not cheered mainly by casuals, it was mostly by the adults who cheered for him because he produced us a sense of 'Attitude' and spoke for what many of us IWC feel.

The fact that there turning Punk into a confirmed role as a Heel who be-rates the crowd, is annoying for the fact that they know that there will be those smarks in the crowd who will make them loud CM Punk chants. Now I personally as some of you may know were against a heel turn, because I was content with Punk as a top babyface(personally) but they shouldnt of switched him to a full-fledged villian, because it insults to be honest, our intelligence as older fans.

So Punk went from a guy breaking the fourth-wall, anti-hero type of character and a babyface to a typical #Heel. This feels like a step back to early 2011.

What Im trying to say is, Punk was cheered by adults mostly - not casuals (although Punk did win them over) and no matter what they do, especially against Cena - there will be loud Punk chants which could kick-start another mass of popularity which means Punks heel turn could fail.

Honestly I dont know how you can stop Punk getting cheered, because he dissed a home-crowd and still got cheered. They should of stuck him into a tweener role, and just see how it went.

P.S Sorry for another Punk thread, but I promise this is my last one.
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