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Re: General Movie Discussion Part II

Originally Posted by eddiefan View Post
Prometheus is already out on DVD I think. Seen it on torrent sites. And yeah, it was really nothing good at all.
Rips always appear online before release. Official street date in US is next Tuesday.

Originally Posted by eddiefan View Post
Watched MIB 3 and except for Josh Brolin it was nothing great. It is one of those franchises that I just want to be ended right now.
Brolin is the only reason I'll watch it.

Originally Posted by virus21 View Post
I just got back from House at the End of the Street. I can safely say that it was the best horror movie Ive seen this year, which isn't difficult since all the others Ive seen this year have sucked.
It was pretty decent. Its scares relied more on mood rather than gore or jump scares, which is what a good horror movie should strive for. The acting was good and the plot moved pretty good and less genre savvy will be satisfied with the twists in it.

The only thing that might turn some off it that it has some elements of Psycho in it. Not a whole lot to be considered a rip-off, but you do get that vibe a lot of times. If you want a decent horror movie to watch in theaters, give it a shot.
...and a sweaty, scared & sexy Jennifer Lawrence will be the only reason to get me to see this

Originally Posted by haribo View Post
Just when I thought Danny Boyle/Rosario Dawson and Charlize Theron/fat guy from Modern Family were bad enough for one month, along comes this

/no /no /no
Eric Stonestreet is the "fat guy from Modern Family," by the way, but he's very funny. And Boyle has talent. MacFarlane, in spurts he does (giggity). I guess Stonestreet is denying the rumor, saying it is just that. But who cares? Hot actresses go through the same thing as most good-looking ladies: bang a bunch of studs, then settle down to a normal one for regular relationships. But, yes, it does give hope to the rest of us.

Originally Posted by haribo View Post

He's hosting next years Oscars too. Fuck you MacFarlane!

EDIT: Adele's doing the Skyfall theme. Was this like the worst kept secret of all time?
Adele doing the theme song just lowered my expectations for Skyfall officially.

May the odds be ever in your favor...

Because I call first dibs on this.

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