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Re: Official GOAT Thread? Why? Bad Idea!

Originally Posted by Defei View Post
This is really bad idea imo. It will eventually end up with mark/flame wars which is inevitable. This official thread is like encouraging mark wars.

Besides whats the context of discussion here anyway? Last time I checked in the General section, these supposed "GOAT" threads were all about subjective measuring of Talent like "GOAT Charisma", "GOAT Mic Skills", "GOAT Ring Skills" etc.. and one other thread about "who's the no.4 behind Hogan/Rock/Austin" which is not even about the No.1 spot. None of this discussion pertains to "Greatest of all time" in terms of Impact in the industry.

I think the OP of those GOAT threads measuring talent, whoever it was, probably used the word "GOAT" in the title instead of using the word "Best" because comparison threads are immediately closed around here.

Anyways, my point is that you guys have created and Stickied a official thread for a topic that wasnt even being discussed, in those aforementioned threads, in the first place.

Close and remove it. Thank you.
All of those elements you mentioned can and do pertain to GOAT discussions imo. If you want to discuss those things I do not see how that is problematic. In a greatest of all time discussion, sure you can compare talent level, industry influence, etc. The context of discussion is measuring and ranking status in the business and the subjective discussions on talent should make that discussion go beyond "Austin > Rock." As of right now the thread is basically in 'trial run' mode and we are going to see how it moves in the next couple of weeks. From what I have seen in only a couple hours of the thread's existence so far the discussion is no different from what you would find in 10 other duplicate GOAT threads running at the same time, but we'll see how the general discussion works out in the meantime.


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