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Re: The Rhodes Scholars

Originally Posted by Roydabest View Post
WTH? Are you trying to tell us that the minority on this forum, who actually give a shit about the championships, are at fault in the title devaluation. If anything, people like you, who consider titleless wrestlers legends and don't give a shit about who is carrying the main championships, are the reason the belts are devalued.
Let me put it this way. ADR has been WWE champion. Devaluing of the title? Or valuing of ADR? I consider the WWE championship worthy on its own and anyone that gets a piece of it is instantly more valued in my eyes than someone, who never had it? How the hell does this devalue anything else than those superstars, who never win the title?
John Cena has not been champion in over a year, and he's only recently begun sniffing around the title scene, yet this entire time, he's been pretty much main eventing without the belt.

I'm sure the likes of the Million Dollar Man, Roddy Piper, and Scott Hall are still looked upon fondly despite never holding the WWE Championship.

But my point is that, if people didn't think "you don't matter if you're not a World Champion" we wouldn't have the World Heavyweight Championship as a paper title. You give the belt to a young guy and say "We're really fond of your work, but we don't have faith in you to carry the company as WWE Champion, so take this belt so people will acknowledge you as a World Champion even though we didn't really give you the ball". Or as a charity belt for veterans to say "Oh, thanks for jobbing all those years, you're not good enough to be WWE Champion, but you can have this other belt instead". The IC and US Titles should be the stepping stone belts, but they've been replaced by the World Heavyweight Championship in that role just so that wrestlers can be a "World Champion" on paper, despite not getting a real chance to run with the ball.

I do believe that Sandow and Rhodes could be future World Heavyweight Champions. But it won't mean much if said World Title isn't treated with the same merit that the WWE Championship is.
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