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Re: WWE Hell in a Cell Predictions

Brodus Clay vs Encore
YouTube Pre-Show; Gauntlet Match
Yet another Dumb feud, but its a decent pre-show match. Let Clay take all these guys one on one, but at the end they can gang up one more time and take down Brodus. They need something to get Clay to be more dangerous, and stop the dumb dancing. I know they wont, but they should.

Ryback vs The Miz
Intercontinental Championship match
I really hope this match still happens no matter what John Cena's able to do at HIAC. He pretty handily got a clean win over Miz on Raw, so he is going to have to weasel his way out of these matches for awhile. Miz is perfect for it, they are trying to build Ryback as a Main Even force, so ducking & losing to him wont hurt Miz. Hopefully this is Ryback's first of multiple shots at the IC title, and a dirty loss for Miz to retain the belt until Ryback finally takes the strap.

Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston
Did you see that match last Monday!? It was amazing, these two are great in the ring together. I hope this is the start of a Kofi push, atleast back into the Mid-card title picture, and hopefully Upper-Mid Card where he sees some Top Championship matches. (WWE is desperate for Main Event Faces). They planted the seed last week, let this build, heck actually give Kofi & Dolph some mic time. But it could easily be MotN. This should be where Dolph finally drops Vicki, having her cost him the match inadvertently, but they should have done that 6 months ago and didnt so you know they wont.

Eve Torres vs Beth Phoenix
Your obligatory Divas match on the card. Eve still trying to do the "Fake nice girl" act, and avenging the attack on Kaitlyn. She has fingered Beth as the culprit so this seems to be the PPV match they want.Leaving or not, Beth should be fighting the champion, and this could actually be a decent card filler for a Divas match.

Big Show vs Sheamus
World Heavyweight Championship match, inside HIAC
This is the other 2 guys to use the Cell. While on the surface it looks like it was just thrown together and they are forced to use the Cell because of the PPV (which is the real reason) I really hope they have Show allude to the fact that last time he was in a big match he was in a Cage, and even then there was a ton of outside interference. That he would have won the match and saved Johnny's job had he not been screwed. And even have ADR keep on his mission that it should be his match, and costing Show, Sheamus, & Orton matches. This would give an actual Kayfabe reason to put these two inside HIAC. It would be funny to see Dolph try and cash in after the match, but he cant get in the Cell. Have Show WMD Sheamus after the match and then Dolph cant get in the door or get the cage lifted as Show mocks him, and gets WMD's through the cell. Then blame that all on Vicki.

RhodeScholars vs Prime Time Playas
#1 Contenders match for the Tag Team Championships
As I said before. I hope RhodeScholars has been put in here for one purpose; to take the losses against Kane/Bryan. They can win this tournament, and as 2 full on Heels, do so dirty. You can drag this feud out as llong as you want to. All the while Keeping your long term Tag Teams safe from being dominated by the Champs right now. Then when ready, have the Tag Team you want to push (PTP) catch Kane/Bryan as they are falling apart and get the rub from beating 2 Main Eventers. I would like to see Kane/Bryan on the outside here, distracting each team, but eventually causing a RhodeScholars win, inadvertently.

Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton
ADR thinks he should still be the #1 contender, and Orton is clearly always going to be a Main Event guy. If ADR continues to attack Orton, this match makes sense as a card filler. It could be a decent match, one we have seen before tho. There is only one way you can make this match interesting, Let Orton become the Heel he wants to be. You dont have to turn ADR face, you just have to go over the top with Orton. Doesnt matter who wins the match, just let Orton snap again afterward, Beating ADR & Ricardo to a pulp. People like to see those guys get beat up, but if you just keep it going for 3-4 min after the match people will start to turn on Randy some. Let him toss Medical Personell & Refs, have him take out Booker. Maybe even let him use the banned 'Punt' on Ricardo. If you just let Randy lose it, he can become the heel he wants to be

John Cena vs CM Punk
WWE Championship match, inside HIAC, with Mick Foley as Special Guest Referee
We all know this is coming. Cena is not going to miss this match. I would bet they really start to play up the "game time decision" for Cena as we get closer, make him look like a "warrior" and whatnot. Ryback is likely the backup plan, but I doubt it comes to that. Punk likely doesnt actually get physical with Foley on Raw unless he is going to continue in this story line. I wouldnt be shocked to see this as the starting point of the anticipated Heyman alliance. See Hunter come down when John's arm is getting beat up, followed by Lesnar, and as you already have Foley in the Cell, possibly even a Taker appearance... I might be dreaming, but it would be an amazing way to end the night.

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