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Re: Anyone notice Cena cuts the same promos all the time?

Originally Posted by NearFall View Post
Well, every wrestler repeats their usual method of going about a promo. Say, how the phrase introductions, intensity levels, etc. Their general style. Look back and you can see variance in many in how they deliver promos, but essential the foundations are the same for wrestlers. Each has their own way, that is what makes them different, but each sticks to their own way for most/all promos.

However, content, differs for most. With Cena, content is usually very rehashed, not just during a single feud. For example a single feud or phase of someones career can have similar content (we will no doubt see Punk with the intense respect idea for the next while). However with Cena, it has remained nearly the same. It is usually, very usually, something to do with ass kissing the crowd, playing the complete neutral/honest guy about his opponent, before going into good guy mode to finish. He rarely does other things. Look to when he gets angry such as beating up Swagger with Kane calling him out, giving the intense truth of why he must win to Rock (not the BS promos), giving Punk the speech about why he won't call him "the best in the world" as examples.
Came here to say exactly this. Most everyone is going have the same "promo method" all the time but its the content. Cena's promos from about 2005 have all been the exact same (for the msot part) from a content standpoint. And like quoted above I am not jsut talking about his catchphrases. There has been absolutely ZERO character development or evolution in 7 years now for Cena

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