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Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point

A Nightmare Review:

Starting off the show with a nice triple threat match gotta love that, I know you love Matt Sydal so I expect big things from him here. Now onto the match, It was exactly what I expected a nice, Fast paced match with some good action and I even predicted Aries winning at the end but hey doesnt change the fact it was a good match and down the road it should be fun to see all these guys in matches with other top x divison guys. Aries post match heel turn was a good move hes better off heel.

Amazing Red vs Homicide is set, Should be a good match and should be intersting to see if Amazing Red can win the title back or not, Wow that 6 man tag match sounds awesome! Really cant wait for that and the main event sounds pretty good as well.

Hmm possible feud stewing between Homicide and Foley? Wonder where you will take that if a feud is gonna happen there.

Wow the 6 man tag really lived up to what I thought it would be! I was never into Lethal & Creed as a team but they worked really well in the match with Gen Me and then add in Amazing Red & Kid Kash and it was a great match! Hope you do some good things with Gen Me in the future man, They were very under used during their run in TNA IMO.

Paul London makes an...intersting debut in TNA during the Aries interview, It was kinda random and seemed out of place honestly.

Wow I thought you had a stacked X Divison already but now your adding Bryan Danielson to it soon? That is a HUGE addition to the roster! But keep in mind you dont wanna over stack the divison with so many big names that there is no room for homegrown talent to shine.

TJ Wilson makes his debut and gets a nice victory over Jimmy Yang, I must say I have never been impressed with Yang really in any company but maybe you can make me care who knows?

Pretty good main event between the champs, That always ends up being a good match though when you put champions against each other. Lots of back and forth action and the match had a really good pace through the whole match. I must say I was disapointed to see the DQ ending it really took away from the match for me, But in a way I get it gotta make sure you keep both of them looking strong.

It was a solid show with some pretty good back action through the whole show, You set up the X Divison Title match for the PPV which was good to see and teased a possible feud between Homicide and Foley, Cant wait for your next show man!
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