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Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point

Saturday Night Xplosion

The cameras pan around the iMPACT Zone in Orlando, Florida as they get ready for one of TNA's special treats, Xplosion! Xplosion's theme song of “Trophy WiFi” by Taproot blares the PA system with the cameras giving the fans their five seconds of fame and even emphasizing on fans with creative signs. With all that going on, we go to the announce table where a new team in Jeremy Borash and Al Snow are on board, ready to introduce us to a night of fun.

Borash: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to TNA's newest show on Saturday Nights, Xplosion! We are LIVE from the iMPACT Zone in Orlando, Floria. Hello everybody, I'm Jeremy Borash and joining me on hand, making his broadcast debut, my partner, The Snowman, Al Snow!

Snow: Good to be here JB. TNA has certainly been pulling out all the stops as of late. Just listen to the reaction this crowd is giving us. We haven't even started yet!

Borash: Can't argue with that Al. It already is shaping up to be a great night, why wait any longer?! We bring you back ringside, with the ring announcer of Xplosion, the lovely, Taryn Terrell!


Terrell: The opening bout is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at one hundred and seventy-four pounds, The Warrior...SENSHI!

Looks like we're starting the night off with a match already. Starting off the broadcast is a familiar face in TNA, Senshi! He comes out dressed in his black tights getting a decent amount of heat after his returning win on iMPACT. The Warrior gingerly makes his way down the ring soaking in the response from the crowd as he observes his battlefield before climbing up the steps and into the six sided ring.


Terrell: Next, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at one hundred and sixty-five pounds...MATT SYDAL!

Matt Sydal gets the least pop but we hear the consistent pop from the audience who have seen Sydal's work in the indies. Sydal has a big grin on his face as he flashes the peace sign before slapping hands with people in the front row. He springboards in looking at Senshi before climbing the ropes and again holds up the peace sign.


Terrell: Finally, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds...AUSTIN ARIES!

The announce team banter about the competitors in the ring at the moment. They hype up the two young upstarts in Sydal and Aries. They explain that the two are very skilled wrestlers who have made a name for themselves in the indies and are now in TNA to show the world what they got. The topic now is about Senshi who they both give the edge in the match to because of his experience and familiarity with TNA already.

Match One – Triple Threat Match
Senshi vs. Matt Sydal vs. Austin Aries

Xplosion started with a match and boy was it a good one with these three competitors in it. The match started with all three men surveying the ring, seeing who to go for. After a little while, Aries begins trash talking both men who pay no mind to this. Instead, they both trade punches with Aries. They toss Aries out via the top rope finally getting the match started. With Sydal and Senshi left in the ring, the two competitors put on a show for the fans. Exchanging quick roll-ups and their high-flying maneuvers, the crowd was on the edge of their seat. At around the four minute mark, Aries enters the fray with Sydal and Senshi going at one another in the corner. Sydal has Senshi in the corner, connecting with punches while the crowd counts along. On the sixth punch, Aries delivers a dropkick to the back of Sydal which sends him out over the ropes onto the floor. Aries then goes to work on Senshi, delivering sharp kicks to the hamstring of Senshi. Senshi tries to battle back with kicks of his own but the fresher Aries comes out on top here. Aries whips Senshi across the ropes, but Senshi has other plans as he slips under the bottom rope to perform a baseball slide on a recovering Sydal. With that, Aries looks out to the crowd before whipping himself off the ropes and sends himself through the middle rope onto both Sydal and Senshi, SUICIDE DIVE FROM ARIES!

Aries chooses to bring Sydal in the ring converting with a pin but only getting a two count. Sydal, however, tries to get into the match with some offense of his own. He delivers a heel kick that knocks Aries to the floor followed by a another heel kick that baffles Aries. Sydal climbs the top turnbuckle, waiting for Aries to get up. Aries finally finds his feet and turns around only to get hit with a diving Sydal who lands on Aries's shoulder, driving his knees down with Aries to the mat. He goes for the cover but it's broken up by Senshi who recovers and leaps from the top turnbuckle to perform WARRIOR'S WAY on Sydal! The crowd pop at the performance of all three men thus far. With all three men down, the referee starts his count. He gets to the count of seven before Aries is the first person up.

Aries gets Senshi to his feet and whips him to the far turnbuckle of the six sided ring. Senshi looks in no condition to dodge so Aries rears back and runs with a full head of steam towards Senshi and delivers a running dropkick that floors Senshi. Sydal takes the opportunity here and catches Aries with a high knee that seems to knock him out. The crowd then starts popping since both men are now out and it seems Sydal has a choice who to hit his finisher on. Senshi is closest to the turnbuckle, so he climbs the ropes, maintains his balance, BOOM! SHOOTING STAR PRESS FROM SYDAL!!! Another big pop for that amazing move! Sydal goes to cover Senshi, but Aries is up again and lifts Sydal off Senshi. Sydal goes for a clothesline on Aries but he ducks it and connects with a discus forearm right on the kisser. Aries then gets Sydal up, kicks him in the gut, hooks his arm behind his head and lifts him into the air, BRAINBUSTER! But Aries doesn't seem to be done yet, with Senshi looking to recover, Aries helps Senshi up to his feet, ANOTHER BRAINBUSTER!!! Both Sydal and Senshi are aligned with each other and this gives Aries a brilliant idea. The fans don't know what to expect here as Aries makes his out to the ropes. He spingboards from the top rope, 450 SPLASH ONTO BOTH SYDAL AND SENSHI!!! He covers both of them, with the crowd counting along, 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Austin Aries

After the match, the referee takes Aries's hand and raises it signaling him as the winner. An “Austin Aries” chant begins swarming the iMPACT Zone and Aries is lovin' the attention he's getting. After a while, we see that both Senshi and Sydal shake hands because of the awesome contest that they just had, despite the loss. They offer a handshake to Aries who looks at their hands, hesitating to shake them. He seems to go for the handshake but pulls his hand back to stroke his hair before laughing at the two and leaving the ring. This gets Aries heat from the crowd who then walks up the ramp continuing to laugh before disappearing behind the curtain.


The theme music of none other the Xplosion GM, Mick Foley, blares the PA system to the loudest pop of the night. Foley is dressed in a plaid shirt over what can be seen as a shirt with the TNA logo on it. He gives us his patented, “bang bang!” before heading down the ramp slapping hands with the lucky members of the audience as ringside. Foley even stops at a certain man with the sign that says, “Foley for president!” and gives him a high-five. By this time, Sydal and Senshi have cleared the ring and Foley is in the middle of the ring to speak.

Foley: Wow, what a crowd we have tonight in the iMPACT ZONE! (Pop) I'd like to again welcome everyone to TNA's newest show Xplosion. I'm very excited to be here, and much more excited be the show's GM!

Another pop from the crowd.

Foley: How about that triple threat match we just had huh? Let's give it up for the three guys who just put on an awesome match.

Applause from the crowd and from Foley himself.

Foley: Let's get down to business now shall we? At Turning Point, The X-Division Title was on the line where Homicide defeated the then champion, Amazing Red. I've spoken to Amazing Red and he'll be invoking his rematch clause at the next pay-per-view, Final Resolution.

Foley nods to the fans who pop in approval.

Foley: But before any of that, I've announced a six man tag team match coming up next with the Motor City Machine Guns teaming up with Amazing Red against the team of Generation Me and Kid Kash. But for the main event, oh boy, you won't wanna miss this. Our X-Division Champion, the “Notorious” HOMICIDE goes one-on-one with the man who put the X-Division on the map, the first X-Division Champion, the current TNA World Champion, the “Phenomenal” AJ STYLES!

Huge pop for the big main event for tonight.

Foley: Now most of you probably want to know my vision for this show and it's really plain and simple. Xplosion is all about the X-Division, the non-stop, fast-paced guys we have in the back, I can honestly say are some of the best talent that I've been around in a long time.

The crowd pop loudly for this statement from Foley.

Foley: So to keep it short and simple, you fans are in for a treat every Saturday night here on Xplosion. Not only will we feature the best talent the world has to offer but we'll be be tearing the house down every single time! BANG BANG!

Respectable pop for Foley once again.

Foley: TNA! TNA! TNA!

The fans join Foley in some “TNA” chants. It eventually dies down and the end of Foley's promo seems to be nearing it's end.


Some laughs can be heard from the crowd but again a large pop for the GM of Xplosion. He makes his way out the ring and again goes to the guy with the “Foley for president” sign and hold its it in the air. He takes it with him holding it up for all the world to see before tucking it under his arm and disappearing behind the curtain.


Back from the break, we are in Foley's office where we seem him taping the sign up to his wall. Before finishing with the taping, he is greeted by a knock on the door from none other than the X-Division Champion himself, Homicide! He comes in with a scowl looking Foley right in the eyes.

Homicide: What was that out there?

Foley: What was what?

Homicide: You just handing out title matches for my title like that? Who do you think you are huh?

Foley: I THINK I'm the GM of this show. And Red has a rematch clause in his contract, nothing personal, it's just in his contract. Now if I were you, I'd go get ready for the main event, you are up against the World Champion.

Homicide: (laughs) You think I'm worried about AJ Styles? I'm the X-Division Champion, that means I'm the best on this show. Styles WAS the best, now, I'm THE best. You may be the GM of this show, Mick. But don't forget, this show isn't anything without me.

Homicide is done arguing with Foley here. He sees that Foley was taping up the sign he got from the fan, he smirks at this, and tears it down before leaving. Foley picks it up and tries fixing it up as we return to ringside.


Terrell: The following match is a six man tag team match. Introducing first from Hisperia, California, weighing in at a combined weight of three hundred and fifty pounds, MAX AND JEREMY BUCK, GENERATION ME!

The duo get probably the biggest heat of the night which is quite surprising. They walk out with matching ring attire which seems to be zebra print with strands hanging out of their boots. They get in the ring looking around before getting on the turnbuckles looking out into the crowd.


Terrell: And their tag team partner, from Johnson City, Tennessee, weighing in at two hundred and two pounds, KID KASH!

Kash does a speed walk down the ramp looking all serious, paying no mind to the crowd throwing abuse at him. One fan even touches him where he reacts by staring a hole through that person who looks scared as fuck before entering the ring.


Terrell: Introducing the challengers, at a combined weight of four hundred and fifteen pounds, ”BLACK MACHISMO" JAY LETHAL, AND CONSEQUENCES CREED, LETHAL CONSEQUENCES!

The crowd pop at the sight of this unique tag team. But moreso because of their catchy theme music. The cameras pan around the arena to catch some of the TNA folks having a dance at their spots. Lethal Consequences look hyped up as they slap hands with fans at ringside. The heels exit the ring as they enter and pose for the fans with Creed giving us a little dance to hype the crowd up even more.


Terrell: And their tag team partner, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at one hundred and fifty pounds, AMAZING RED!

Red seems pumped after hearing Foley's announcement concerning him and the X-Division belt. Red sprints down the ramp and slides into the ring. He shakes hands with his teammates for the night and climbs the turnbuckle posing for the fans as well.

Match Two – Six Man Tag Team Match
Generation Me and Kid Kash vs. Lethal Consequences and Amazing Red

We all know every time that Generation Me and a team like Lethal Consequences are put together in a match, they always put on a helluva show but this time they have partners in the brash, no-nonsense Kid Kash and the faster than light, Amazing Red. Red and Kash started out the match for their teams with Kash using his size advantage in the beginning, grounding Red. However, after one fell swoop, Red got the advantage after a drop toe hold that sent Kash eating the canvas. Both men get the tag to their partners with Jay Lethal and Max Buck getting into the action.

Max tried to surprise Shelley who was coming in hot with a springboard clothesline where he misses but luckily lands on his feet. Off the rebound, Lethal connects with consecutive forearms on the older Buck brother. At this time is when the tag team combos started to happen. Lethal tags in his innovative partner in Consequence Creed but doesn't go out. Lethal gets Max in a vertical suplex only for Creed to come off the ropes and hit a crossbody! A SUPLEX/CROSSBODY COMBO! Creed tries for the cover but gets the pinfall broken up by Jeremy Buck who then SUPERKICKS Creed to knock him out. Jeremy drags his brother to their corner before Max tags in Jeremy. Now it's the heels who take the advantage on the weakened Creed. The action spilled to the outside when Jeremy flung Creed over the top rope. Lethal and Red tries to intervene but the referee stopped them which allowed for more tag team combos from Generation Me. However, Red broke free, went over the top rope, and hit a CORKSCREW PLANCHA on both Jeremy and Creed! Not long after everyone involved in the tag team match took to the outside to brawl it out.

Creed, however, somehow finds his way back into the ring as he recovers. We see Red and Lethal going at it with Generation Me after taking out Kid Kash. In a moment's notice, Creed suddenly springs back to life and runs to the top turnbuckle to perform a CROSSBODY THAT TAKES EVERYONE OUT! After all the carnage from the outside, referee Earl Hebner began counting the legal men, Jeremy and Creed. Creed is the first to get up as he gets Jeremy back in the ring as well. The first thing Creed does is go for the pin but only get a two count. The men on the outside have all recovered and are all at their corners this time. Creed goes to work on Jeremy a little more before tagging Lethal back in. Lethal wastes no time in keeping Jeremy at their corner with brutal kicks to the chest. Max however, has had enough of this and clobbers Lethal from behind. Creed enters the fray where he and Max go at it with Creed getting the advantage before sending both of them over the ropes.

Lethal tags in Red this time. Red delivers stick kicks to the chest of Jeremy who sees any hope of tagging anyone go away as Lethal takes out Kid Kash to the outside. Red watches this happen and it gives Jeremy enough time to recover. Red goes back to Jeremy but takes Red by the tights and just throws him on the turnbuckle. This looks to be the beginning of the end for Red as Jeremy delivers a superkick to Red as he gets up, 1, 2, 3! - NO, a kickout from Red! With the other four men still brawling outside, Jeremy waits for Red to get up. As soon as Red finds his feet, Jeremy springboards looking to hit something big but is met with a dropkick! Both men are now up but Red mounts his offense when he springboards backwards, but is caught by Jeremy, Red however, maneuvers out of the predicament and HITS AN INCREDIBLE ROUNDHOUSE KICK! It's Red's turn to lie in wait. When Jeremy gets up, Red goes for a sunset flip but doesn't have the strength to go through with Jeremy holding on, but Red rears back, SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB! 1, 2, 3!

Winners: Lethal Consequences and Amazing Red

Red's theme music blares out after picking up the win. Both Lethal and Creed enter the ring after all the brawling they did with Kash and Max Buck on the outside. The three faces give each other a handshake before each of them climb the turnbuckles posing for the crowd. They all come down and join together to raise their hands which led to more pop from the crowd.

The cameras then go to the back where we see the image of the winner of the opening contest tonight, Austin Aries. He is talking directly to the camera where we see that his interviewer is not visible but is heard asking him questions.

Interviewer: Congratulations on winning the triple threat earlier on tonight. Why don't you introduce yourself since you're one of the newer talents we have on the TNA roster?

Aries: First of all, that triple threat match was no sweat, I could've beaten those two losers with my eyes closed. And who do they think they are offering handshakes around here? It's a business, everyone's out to get ya so I'm just looking out for myself. As for introducing myself, I'm A Double, Austin Aries, The Greatest Man That Ever Lived. You're looking at the man who will be the focus of this show in due time. Not only am I great, have charming good looks, but I'm the best around here. In fact, it's a crime that I'm not the X-Division Champion, but all will be in my favor in time. You just wait.

Interviewer: Right, so what can we expect from you, Mr. Aries?

Aries: Mr. Aries? I like that, I like you kid.

Aries grabs the interviewer from behind the camera and brings him into the camera shot. Looking nervous, Aries has him in a headlock it seems so he can't escape.

Aries: What can everyone expect from A Double you ask? You just need to know one thing about me, and that's that I thrive in competition. I strive to be the best because only I can top myself. Every time I go out there, I try to top myself because I know only I can do that, no one else.

All of us sudden, we see a figure from behind sneaking up on Aries.

???: Boo! Ahaha!

Aries turns around to see who has snuck up on him. We see that it's a man with a mask on, those masquerade type masks. Looking around, he finally sees him. The masked man takes off his mask, revealing himself to be PAUL LONDON! London is a distance away from Aries who looks furious at the interruption. We hear London laughing as he frantically runs away from the scene.

Video opens to a scene where we see nothing but a wrestling ring with two people inside of it who are grappling. There's a spotlight on the action in the ring and nowhere else. The cameras get closer to see two male athletes going at it, grappling, trying to match each other. However, we see one man win after a submission victory.

Man: For years, I've honed my craft. For years, I've dedicated my life to getting my body in the best shape possible. For years, I've been ready.

The man gets his hand raised in victory. The cameras then shift to another moment where a figure dressed in a grey hoodie and some jogging pants is jumping rope, we only see the figure from behind however. He drops the jump rope and starts jogging leaving the scene.

Man: All those years, I've worked hard. All those years wont' result into nothing. Something must come out of it.

The TNA logo is then flashed before our eyes and we see the shadow of the figure. The lights finally turn on and the figure is revealed to be THE AMERICAN DRAGON, BRYAN DANIELSON! The cameras get shots of Danielson posing and shadow boxing and kicking for the action shots used in his vignette. The cameras zoom in on his face, a clean shaven, almost no hair man stares intently at the camera with his arms folded. We get the final bit of the vignette.

Man: I'm the American Dragon, Bryan Danielson! And I'm coming to Xplosion!


But before we can go to commercial, we see a split screen of the X-Division Champion, Homicide and TNA World Champion AJ Styles making their way to the ring, their match is NEXT!


Back from commercial, we already see that JIMMY YANG, once the leader of the Flying Elvises, is in the ring. He gets little to no reaction from the crowd even as he raises his arms in front of them. He gets in some last minute stretching before hearing the music of who he'll challenge next.


Terrell: And his opponent from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at one hundred and ninety-five pounds, T – J WILSON!

The announce team of Jeremy Borash and Al Snow talk among themselves hyping up that Wilson is the last graduate from the Hart Dungeon. Wilson gets a small pop from the crowd who know him for his work in that other wrestling promotion. Wilson doesn't have his signature piece of hair in the middle anymore, instead, he's bald as can be. He locks eyes with Jimmy Yang before the referee calls for the bell.

Match Four – Singles Contest
Jimmy Yang vs. TJ Wilson

Another good match on the debut episode of Xplosion. It took Wilson and Yang a little time before finally getting their offense going as they started the match with an impressive display of chain wrestling. However, it was Wilson who first drew blood, scoring with a heel kick that looked to knock the senses out of Yang. We join the action about three minutes in where Wilson has Yang in the corner. Wilson shows us his striking ability by connecting with quick body shots to Yang. He gets Yang on his shoulders and plants him on the top turnbuckle. Wilson looks to follow him up but Yang battles back with some body shots of his own. Both men are now on the turnbuckles but neither man is willing to give up. Yang connects with more rights but Wilson connects with a headbutt followed by another and ANOTHER! With Yang dazed, Wilson does leaps up, landing on Yang's shoulder, Wilson using his legs to throw Yang over, FRANKENSTEINER! The croowd oooohs at this move from Wilson who goes over to get a pin, 1, 2, KICKOUT!

Both men are on the canvas, gasping for air but it's Wilson who gets up first. He takes his sweet time getting Yang back up but this proves to cost Wilson as Yang comes to life, landing some knife edge chops, getting wooo's everytime he connects with them. Yang whips Wilson off the ropes and hits a FLAPJACK! FACE-FIRST GOES WILSON! Wilson holds his face in pain but Yang goes over for the pin attempt, 1, 2, KICKOUT! Yang has other ideas, exiting through the ropes, waiting patiently on the ring apron. When Wilson finds his feet, Yang sprinboards, HURRICANRANA ON WILSON THAT SENDS HIM ACROSS THE RING! Seeing this, Yang goes up to the top turnbuckle once again, launching off into a CORKSCREW MOONSAULT! NO ONE HOME! Yang misses a big move there. It's Wilson's turn to wait, as he too is waiting on the ring apron. When Yang gets to a vertical base, Wilson immediately springboards and hits with a SPRINGBOARD BLOCKBUSTER! But Wilson isn't done yet, he goes over to the fallen Yang, locks his legs, SHARPSHOOTER! Yang immediately taps, signaling the end of the match.

Winner: TJ Wilson via submission

After the match, Wilson's hand is raised by the referee. Wilson continues posing for the fans. Then in a moment, Wilson sees Yang is up on his feet. He goes over to Yang, looking to inflict more damage but Wilson offers his hand for a handshake. Yang seems stunned at the attitude that Wilson is showing, but nonetheless, he accepts the handshake from Wilson who then exits the ring to hi-five the people in the front row before disappearing behind the curtain.

We are now taken to a video package that reads, iMPACT Rewind, in where we see the events that took place on this week's iMPACT. The video is highlighted by the promo by Cornette at the opening of the show only for him to be interrupted by an angry Daniels. We get an explaination of what happens as we fast forward to Cornette making the main event a #1 contender's match between Kurt Angle and Christopher Daniels for AJ's world title. A quick highlight of the match is show before it gets all slow when the referee is knocked out. Out comes Wolfe to aid Daniels when he decimates Kurt with a massive lariat. After that, we see that the referee stirs and counts the pinfall for Daniels. Last image we see is of Daniels, happy as can be, bowing to the audience after he is named the #1 contender to AJ's World Title


Back from the commercial, the camera once again pans around the arena giving the ruckus crowd of Xplosion one more chance at their five seconds of fame. But after all that, the cameras go to the announce table with Jeremy Borash and Al Snow.

Borash: Al, it's been quite a show and we're nearing it's final moments. But before that, it's time for the main event!

Snow: I can't wait, JB. Our TNA World Champion is making a special appearance on Xplosion, and he's going up against our X-Division Champion, Homicide? This is gonna be great!

Borash: You're not wrong Al. These two are absolute warriors in that ring. It'll definitely be a match you won't wanna miss. I'm excited, you're excited, the fans are excited! Let's get this thing going! We bring you back in the ring with Taryn Terrell.


Terrell: This...is the main event bout of the evening. Introducing first from Brooklyn, New York weighing in at two hundred and five pounds, he is the X-Division Champion, The Notorious 187, HOMICIDE!

Homicide gets the biggest amount of heat for the night, that's for sure. He comes out with a bandana on his head and one around his neck. He has the X-Division belt around his waist pointing to it and muttering to everyone who could hear him that he's the Champ!

Borash: There he is Al, our X-Division Champion. He had a little dispute with our GM earlier on but I don't see him being distracted at all. Just look at his eyes, that's a man on a mission.

Snow: Homicide is no push-over. He'll give our World Champion a run for his money, that's for sure.


Terrell: Next, from Gainesville, Georgia, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds, he is the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, The Phenomenal, A – J STYLES!

Biggest pop of the night goes to the World Champion. With his customary hoodie on and the pyro that accompany him, he poses for the fans in attendance at Xplosion tonight. He looks excited as he walks down the ramp and lowers his hoodie before locking eyes with Homicide in the ring. He slaps hands with the people front row before springboarding himself into the ring. He goes to one side of the ring and poses for the fans which gets him an even bigger pop.

Main Event – Singles Contest
Homicide vs. AJ Styles

All the matches on tonight's edition of Xplosion have impressed the crowd so far and the main event was no different. In the opening, we saw Homicide do what he does best, and that's talk. He bad-mouthed the World Champion who did nothing but listen. When things had gotten far enough, Styles was the first to get physical landing a hard right on Homicide. Homicide, however did not back down as he came back with a flurry of offense of his own. At around the four minute mark is where we join this hotly-contested contest where we see Homicide has locked in an arm wrench on Styles. Homicide continues to aggravate the hold but Styles was close enough to the ropes where he used it to flip over and alleviate the pressure. He scores with a legsweep that grounds Homicide as he goes for the quick pin, but only gets a one count!

Homicide stares intently at Styles before the two competitors lock up. Styles goes for the go-behind and drops Homicide down. However, Homicide does the same to Styles with the legsweep and the pin but doesn't even get a one count. Homicide doesn't let up though, he charges straight for the world champion only for Styles to leap over him. Looking stunned at Styles' leaping ability, Homicide turns around to eat a face full of boot after a perfectly placed dropkick! Homicide does the smart thing and rolls out of the ring but little did he know that he wasn't safe out there either. With Homicide holding onto his chin, Styles whips across the opposite ropes, leaps over the top rope, PLANCHA RIGHT ON HOMICIDE! The crowd roar at this move as Styles lands on his feet, pumping up the crowd even more before we go to commercial.


Back from the commercial, we see a turn of events with Homicide now in control of Styles in the corner. A video shows us that during the break, a rake in the eyes by Homicide to Styles caused for all this to happen. Back in the corner, Homicide lays his boots to Styles and doesn't stop until the referee gets to the count of four. Homicide does what he does best and even bad-mouths the referee who backs down from Homicide before going back to Styles. Homicide gets Styles up to his feet, kicking him in the gut before gripping Styles, BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX ONTO THE TURNBUCKLE! We hear Styles wince in pain after that horrifying move that seems to have damaged AJ's neck. Homicide smiles at his work before going for the cover, 1, 2, Kickout!

Homicide just looks at the referee who tells him that AJ got the shoulder up. Instead of continuing his offense, Homicide goes to over to taunt the crowd before kicking AJ in the back and then going back to the taunt the crowd. Little did he know that this gave AJ a good amount of time to make a comeback! When Homicide goes back to AJ, he rolls up Homicide, SCHOOL BOY PIN! - 1, 2, KICKOUT! Both men are up in a hurry but it's 'Cide who goes for the clothesline, but AJ ducks it. On the rebound from the ropes, AJ catches Homicide with a dropkick yet again! Homicide shakes out the cobwebs, but as soon as he gets up, AJ moonsaults off the second rope, floats over Homicide, and HITS HIM WITH AN INVERTED DDT! WOW! But AJ isn't finished, instead of going for a pin, he makes his way out to the apron, signals to the crowd, and springboards.....INTO A 450 SPLASH! BUT HOMICIDE IS UP AND CATCHES STYLES MID-AIR WITH THE GRINGO CUTTER!!! The crowd goes absolutely ballistic after that spot as they cheer the company on, “TNA! TNA! TNA!”

Both men are now on the floor, looking to recover. Instead of going for the pin, Homicide uses the ropes to get to his feet. He picks up AJ, looking to hit something big here. Homicide hooks both of AJ's arms behind him, we know what he's going for here, but AJ gets out of it, but Homicide doesn't let this continue, clobbering AJ in the back with repeated shots. He hooks AJ's arms again, GRINGO KILLA!!! Homicide leaps over to cover the world champion, upset right here – 1, 2, 3! – NO, AJ HAS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES! The Xplosion crowd go crazy after that while Homicide gets into the face of Brian Hebner even backing him down to a corner, whining and complain all he wants but Hebner says AJ got his foot on the ropes on time.

Homicide looks like he's out of option and just lets out his frustrations on AJ, laying the boots on him. 'Cide goes to one corner of the six-sided ring and unhooks the turnbuckle. Referee Brian Hebner sees this and questions what Homicide is doing. While Hebner tends to re-buckle the removed turnbuckle, 'Cide exits the ring and grabs two chairs. He slides in along with the chairs as quietly as he can so that he won't go noticed. Homicide takes a chair, waiting for AJ to find his feet, WHAM! NO! BRIAN HEBNER PULLS BACK THE CHAIR FROM HOMICIDE! Homicide again gives Brian Hebner a piece of his mind, grabs the chair away from Hebner, and clobbers AJ with it! Hebner has no choice but to call for the bell.

Winner: AJ Styles by disqualification

Homicide seems to not care about the match as he scares Hebner out of the ring by swinging the chair in his direction. With AJ still down, 'Cide takes the second chair he brought in and wraps it around AJ's leg. The crowd is giving Homicide an enormous amount of heat for this as we can hear Hebner from the outside telling Homicide not to do this. Homicide makes sure the chair is wrapped around AJ's leg nicely, before grabbing the other chair that he clobbered AJ with. AJ shows some signs of life but Homicide doesn't give him a breath of air as he lays the boots to AJ once again.

Homicide looks around to the crowd and just smirks at the world champion looking useless. He flings the chair over his head but a buzz from the crowd stops him from continuing, it's AMAZING RED! Red slides in dropkicks Homicide at the knees, forcing the chair away from Homicide. Red and Homicide then get into a brawl, but Red gets the advantage here after a stiff kick to the hamstring. By this time, AJ is has recovered and once 'Cide turns around, DROPKICK TO HOMICIDE THAT SENDS HIM DANGLING OVER THE SECOND ROPE! Red sees this and knows what to do next. He whips himself across the ropes, 718! NO! Homicide has the awareness to drop down and get out of the ring fast! The crowd is disappointed as the cameras get a close up of Homicide just avoiding that attack from Red. Red holds his thumb and pointing finger about signaling that he was close to hitting 'Cide with the 718.

Red turns back to help out AJ who is still feeling the effects from those chair shots. With AJ seemingly into it now, Red raises their arms for the crowd to see. You can see the flashes from cameras all over the arena going off at the sight of this. Each man climbs the ropes posing for the fans. Homicide can be seen up at the ramp being given his title, clutching it close to him. The final image we see is of Homicide looking angry from the ramp then back to the ring with the World Champion and #1 Contender to the X-Division Title standing tall.


Spoiler for Xplosion Results:
Austin Aries def. Senshi and Matt Sydal
Lethal Consequences and Amazing Red def. Generation Me and Kid Kash
TJ Wilson def. Jimmy Yang via submission
AJ Styles def. Homicide via disqualification

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