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Where is USA Guy...Derrick Bateman?

His vignettes are creative, and add some humor. However, I hope he isn't some joke of a character. Being patriotic is ok, but if it's over the top it can be just as awful as other over the top gimmicks in the WWE. Working the "Average guy" in to a character would work much easier along with this patriotic theme. Derrick could say that he is just a typical male that has a dream that can only be lived, and made in America. That route is fine by me, because America is the land of opportunity despite what our foreign peers may think. He wants to end illegal immigration, so he comes to the WWE, and has Del Rio, Cesaro, McIntyre, Mahal, Barrett and even Slater deported from the United States. The foreign "face" stars are all legal.

This prompts Otunga to get them all back week by week, or all in one week, setting up a feud with Derrick vs the world. Each week he has to take on every one he had deported with the fans strongly behind him. In the end he wins the United States title from Cesaro. What a better way to build him up than to have him win a title right away that he obviously was born to have. I would debut his vignettes, and then have the camera focus on him during Ryback matches. Show him cheering for Ryback just like everyone else. Then, eventually after one of his vignettes he jumps in to the ring.

However, the security thinks he is a fan, and they maul him in the ring. That's when Cole steps in to tell them this is part of the show. We can't forget to include humor with his character. The point for this is to illustrate how common of a person that Derrick. Security would "pretend" not to know that he isn't some crazy fan jumping in to the ring to cause problems. Derrick would then say for weeks he has been asked who is USA Guy, and finally he admits he is USA Guy. He announces that his goals are to make America proud, give WWE fans a hero, and win the United States Championship.
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