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Resident Evil 6 so far

Finished Leons campaign with a friend yesterday.

Cameras and such wasnt as awful as the demo at least and the campaign started off with the demo area and was awesome. City under attack, tons of zombies everywhere, panic, survivors fighting back and helping each other and all kicking off and well it went down hill from there really.

One area chosen for a level was used in the next level and felt recycled, game had terrible QTE and awful story and plot but well it IS resident evil so yeah and they kept forcing you to fight the same boss over and over again, it got ridiculous with his ever changing forms into different animals by the end. It felt lazy and the QTE's events were for padded content clearly, such as the rope climbing section.

Im also wondering if youre meant to play one chapter for each character in turn, minor spoiling I guess and picking at niggles but it meant I saw other people in locations and where they would be going before I knew, if you see what I mean.

By the end we were groaning for it to just end, not a good sign. All of chapter 1 and 2 were frankly brilliant as was the Start of chapter 5. Rest though seemed a bit recycled and lazy, especially that fucking boss.

Really liked the skill slots though, better than upgrading weapons one at a time to then have it replaced by another weapon. Makes more sense to choose yourself from the large list of skills and develop from there. My advice to pick the perk that shortens your QTE will save you alot of health.

Giving items to each other is very quick and easy and means you wont have to stand next to each other in moments of peril, but you cant select how much ammo you give over, so you just hand them the lot.
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