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Re: So Barrett is open for business huh?

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
The problem with that is that they're not blaming WWE, they're blaming HIM. Everybody's on here saying "oh, he sucks", "he's boring now", "he's lost it". No, HE is perfectly fine. It's the fucking booking that's ruining his shit because Vince fucking hates the English and made his return a laughing stock on purpose. He never talks, which in his strength, and he just squashes people despite him saying he wasn't gonna squash people after the first one. His moves look clean, no botches, everything is executed nicely, he's as great on the mic as ever, as you'll see if you watch his backstage exclusive this week. All he needs is a major fucking program and a world title run and he's never gonna get them because Vince is on a personal crusade against him.

As usual, this is yet another case where the IWC puts the blame where it doesn't belong. You get a couple smart people who understand they're fucking with him but most people seem to be under the ridiculous impression that he's to blame for all this, when he's doing the absolute best that he could possibly do with the bare bones minimum that Vince gives him.
Blame booking all you want, young Gord, but Barrett was on the end of the push of a lifetime which culminated in him being found out as an inept glorified midcarder who got lucky on one big angle and didn't have the personality or ability to sustain it, thus being 'fed' to Cena and the angle dissolving.
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