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Re: Hip Hop Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by PunkSE316 View Post
Rakim, Jay Z, Redman, Scarface etc. have all said Eminem is the greatest MC of all time. I mean, they're opinion must count for something, right? In no way shape or form am I thinking "Oh, those guys think he is the best rapper so now I like him!" I ain't a sheep, thats for sure but if those guys are saying he is the greatest MC than yeah....those guys know their shit.
You realize they were just kissing ass right? Em's not even top 5 let alone GOAT. Some could argue not even top 10. Hell, he's probably not. He's only had two great albums and like, I think it was LB correct me if I'm wrong, said his beats were never that great. They fit his style, but they weren't great beats. Lyrically, Em is right up there in the all time greats. Again, not GOAT, but up there. If you ask any of those four men who they really thought was the GOAT in a locked room with no cameras, tape recorders, etc. none of them would pick Em because it's so blatantly obvious he's not a GOAT. So many dudes ahead of him. Nas, Kane, KRS, Rakim, Biggie, even though I fucking hate him, even Jay, etc. Just thought I'd nit pick that portion because I'm that guy.

Oh and Hopsin's dope. He can put together a few sick bars and he's got a nice sound. I don't think he comes off as a poor man's TTC at all and as for their fanbases, I generally agree with the stereotypes. I will say though, I don't really think either are intentionally using gimmicks to get publicity. I legit think TTC is batshit crazy though he probably does do certain shit for publicity. Music never really appealed to me though. His personality is a different story.

Overall I'd say the future of rap is in good hands after the current mainstream shit is gone i.e. YMCMB, MMG. Krit, ASAP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar...fuck Black Hippy in general is crazy, J Cole, Pac Div, Hopsin, Childish Gambino. The game is getting younger and younger.

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