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Re: WWE 2011: Summer of Punk; Seasons Change

Originally Posted by HollywoodNightmare View Post
A Nightmare Review:

Decided to check out your work, Mainly because the summer of punk thing in your sig perked my interest I skimmed RAW so heres a review of Smackdown.

Nice opening promo between Christian and Orton, Its a bit of surprise to see you have Christian as the face and Orton as the heel (from what it seems) but its intersting for sure. Orton vs Sheamus for later tonight looking forward to that.

Kidd with Hayes? I thought that could have been great when WWE tried that so thats good to see. I must say I was hoping for a bit more of a fast paced match between Kidd and Cara but the match wasnt bad, Wondering who laid out Sin Cara maybe its THE UNDERTAKER! haha just kidding. Curt Hawkins and Tyson Kidd joining forces? That is awesome and a feud with The Usos should really be a good to see and a boost for the tag divison.

Sandow coming soon gotta love that hope you can do some good work for him.

First off let me say I love the fact your pushing Justin Gabriel hes very under used in WWE right now so its good to see your using him and hopefully at some time he takes the IC Title. Gabriel picks up the victory in a pretty good match and gains some momentum going into his title match at Night Of Champions good move there, I was surprised by Rhodes not screwing him out of winning and Gabriel even dodges the attack by Rhodes after the match! Must say im rooting for Gabriel.

Must say I loved that whole interview segment with Barrett, He sounded like hes a force to be reckoned with and that he may have a stable forming soon he is a great stable leader so that would be good to see, Scott Stanford seems scared shitless of Barrett that was a great touch.

Umm I thought Orton was facing Sheamus not Mark Henry? Did I miss something here? Good solid match between two top guys I thought Orton was a heel but he just fought Mark Henry so maybe hes face? I must say im confused on the whole situation here with Orton.

Here we go with some divas action AJ vs Alica Fox should be good Foxy isnt the best wrestler not by a long shot but she does have some talent, AJ picks up a nice victory to gain a little momentum but im not sure to what except to what seems like the end of a feud between these two.

That whole backstage segment with Slater,Teddy and Mantasic was hilarious! I dont know if that was the goal but Bateman and Barretta making fun of Slater was a great and the bit about the skin flute was funny stuff! Looking forward to next week with Slater and a partner vs Mantasic for sure.

Here we go main event time Christian vs Sheamus, Going into it im hoping Christian picks up the victory as I have seen him job to Sheamus plently of times already in the past. From what you put there it was a good read, Back and forth action with some near falls and Christian wins with a sunset flip pin, Honestly I think thats a lame finisher (if it is one) and maybe Christian could have won with a Spear or a Frog Splash or even the Killswitch instead? Oh well still a enjoyable match.

Mark Henry cleans house to end the show! Was great to see so people dont forget about Henry being in the title match at the PPV as it seems the main focus of it is Orton & Christian.

Good show Coolquip I really enjoyed reading your work and will do my best to keep up with this in the future
Yeah sorry, didn't know I said Orton/Sheamus. The Christian/Orton feud is a a continuation of the feud they were having at the time, except that after Edge's speech to Christian at Summerslam, Christian beat Orton and then found Edge's words inspirational and turned face. So both are faces but they really don't like each other. Both men want respect and both want the title. The main reason for doing it was Smackdown was really overloaded with heels and very few faces. THX big time for the feedback.
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