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Re: whats with all these posters taking shit seriously.

Originally Posted by legendmaker2 View Post
i have seen lately alot of posters bitching about how this site is ruining wrestling( The Rebel thread), something about a divas shouldnt be called a piss break, alot of posters bitching about someone else on this site, i dont get it, this is a rant section?

Isn't the point of this thread is to goof around, call people bitches and telling them to fuck off, trolling people, if you can't handle being called a bitch or a phaggot from other posters and it gets you pissed off then maybe this isnt the site for you.

And people are going say its the 11ers and 12ers but fuck man ive seen alot of stupid shit not from them, and some people on this site shouldn't be in rants and should stick to the wwe section if you're going to get offended by what people say to you.

I know people are going say gotten to, or whatever that shit is, but that's not it at all just thought since this is a rant section lets make a rant about something, not about leaving this forum, since i doubt anyone really cares that your leaving in the first place, or anything about how i got my headband stepped on by a girl so i should be able to hit her thread( you know who you are).

Anyways thats the end of the rant comment all you want about how this rant sucks or whatever but its the truth people bitch way to much on this site its hilarious but when you take it personally(even tho not many people know you on this site anyway) then something's wrong with you.
The comment I made in the sports fan thread about TaylorFitz was something he said outside of rants. I just quoted it and posted in rants because my response outside of rants would warrant a ban.

Dickhead knows nothing about my family and needs to shut the fuck up. I draw the line at shitting on people's family members. If someone wants to come at me, fine, but when they start to attack my family, the bitch better be willing to say it to my face or not say it at all. I have never attacked anyone's family member, and don't plan on doing so. That, to me, is getting a little too personal. I post here, they don't. No one here knows their situation, so they best just shut the fuck up and focus their shit talk on me.

I can handle people calling me a cunt, bitch, faggytits, whatever they want, but to attack family, no way, you're a downright pussy for doing so.

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