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Re: Bye Forum

Originally Posted by Keyser Söze View Post

EDIT: Wait a minute, then why did I bring up the Devil in my original reasoning for the name change?

*repeated faceplants*
Cos youve just read the Satanic Bible for the first time and your mind is blown at the fact that its just a bunch of common sense that would appeal to anyone who likes a good time?
LaVey is a fascinating and smart character who lived a extremely interesting life, he was also a carny huckster bullshitter of the highest order who probably laughed his balls off in private that he'd managed to make a 'religion' out of his personal esoteric and kinky interests and got other a load of idiots to sign up (just look at what a joke the chuch has become since he died), fascinating geezer really but like I said, the most relatable stuff is just common sense, no real need to label it "satanic".

Anyway OP dont go blaming the ills of the site on Tyrion, theres few things more hilarious than one his "Vince hates Barrett" meltdowns.

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