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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread


I finally got round to watching a bunch of stuff today which I'd been putting off:

Lockdown 2010: Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson

I think I've only ever seen this once and that would've been sometime in 2010 but iirc I remember being a fan. Wonder how that holds up. Laughed at Angle coming out and his titantron saying "GREATEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD" though, don't ever remember that.
Match starts out fun, Anderson has the key and tries to cheap shot Kurt and go for the escape quickly, and then when Kurt turns it around he wants to stay locked in. Kurt kinda gets busted open out of nowhere though and Anderson moves up the punishment. Then there's probably my favourite bit of work in the whole match where Kurt manages to knock down Anderson in desperation and just crawls over to the door to try and escape instead of his earlier strategy. Anderson gets busted open too, although I totally missed it. Finishing stretch is kinda meh, Anderson goes for the mic check too much, only ONE Angle slam was a nice surprise though, cancelled out by SIX germans. Legit cringed at the moonsault, looked awful imo. Angle throws away the key too only to brandish one of his own soon after (idk) and it finishes after he chokes Kennedy out as revenge for Kennedy doing the same earlier on. Okay match, certainly nothing spectacular or worthy of being "The Best Cage Match Ever" which I've heard mentioned. Think I had this @ 4 stars before but I'm gonna knock it down a half.


AJ Styles vs Doug Williams, TV Title - Final Resolution 2010

Solid match from solid workers, based around finishers and stuff (which was nice as their respective finishers tend to actually yknow, finish a match). Didn't really feel it had enough in it for me to give it 4 stars but nevertheless was a fun time killer.


Final Resolution 2005: The Ultimate X - Petey Williams vs AJ Styles vs Chris Sabin

Petey OWNS in this. There's a stretch after D'Amore gets thrown out where everything Petey does is just incredibly crisp and awesome to see and you can tell how hard he's trying to keep holding onto his longest reigning record. D'Amore was pretty great for what little he was in, always liked Team Canada. I totally forgot about AJ's frontflip bump in this too, so that was nice to see. AJ took a few nasty hits, really liked his arm being worked over by Petey and Sabin since I'm a sucker for limbwork and little touches like that. Finishing stretch is pretty brutal for all guys involved, and the finish was nice. Probably my favourite Ultimate X


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