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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

A Nightmare Review:

Alright TWG, This is my first time checking out your work on here, Figured I would read Night Of Champions and give you some feedback so here it is.

Beth vs Kelly Kelly to open the show was a nice choice with Beth being the hometown hero and the crowd being hostile to Kelly Kelly was a nice touch, Happy to see Beth pick up the victory shes tons better then Kelly Kelly so hopefully this is the beginning of the divas divison becoming good again with her winning the title.

Rhodes vs Sin Cara was a pretty good, Fast paced match and there was a few times during it I thought Sin Cara had the match won, Rhodes stealing the victory at the end leads me to belive this feud will keep going to Hell In A Cell which I would be up for seeing. Wonder how Ted will react to Rhodes sending him backstage maybe leading to a face turn.

Awesome to see Regal and he wants the IC Title! Regal vs Cody sounds like it will be a great techicial wrestling match no matter who wins.

Tag Title Match honestly was a bit boring for me and it was hard for me to keep focused on it, Santino & Kozlov was a disapointing win for me I just cant stand them as a team and always felt Otunga & McGillicutty could have done more as a team but oh well. Hopefully you add some more teams to your tag divison though at the time WWE really had no teams.

Ziggler vs Rey was probably my favorite match to this point (live feedback here) it was fast paced and it was just overall great, Big shock at the end with Drew McIntyre costing Rey the match and maybe this is a new tag team that has been formed or the beginning of a new stable either way I love it! I just hope McIntyre doesnt go the route of Jack Swagger while having Vickie as a manager.

The Championship Scramble for the WHW Title was a bit slow but good lots of good action and a big surprise at the end with Sheamus coming back out and then Mark Henry winning the belt was a nice move only thing that took away from the match for me was there was alot of big guys in it and aside from Morrison and maybe Orton everybody pretty much had the same style offense.

Money In The Bank briefcase being defended? Not sure how I feel about that I know its been done before but im just not sure I like it and having not read the match yet I have a feeling that defending the briefcase is gonna turn out to be a bad idea for Bryan.

Well just finished reading the match and wow what a match! My new favorite match of the night thus far and very happy that you didnt take the briefcase away from D-Bryan! I like that you gave Christian a submission finisher though it adds to his arensal and is better then the Killswitch which always looked lame to me, Very good match overall TWG.

Same old, Same old with the Cena promo really hoping you dont give him the belt.

Awesome Truth entering together? You would think they would enter seperate for a singles title match.

Pretty good main event of the show, Punk gets screwed again by Nash really hope you do that feud right WWE really screwed up that one. Not a fan of Del Rio so not happy he retained but the dirty finish made sense and furthers Cenas case for Del Rio being the worst champion ever.

Overall a pretty good PPV TWG, Very well written and all good storylines id say Dolph vs Rey was my favorite match on the show with Bryan and Christian a very close second. A couple title changes but you didnt go crazy with them which is good. I will try to keep up with this thread as much as I can for sure.
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