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Re: Music type/preference generalization

Spoiler for Heavy language.:

"Fuck the drama, fuck the bickering the bullshit ain't about that, supposed to be about the music."

This song is basically everything this thread is. It's not about who your are what you wear, if you're at a show it's about the music. The singer himself used to be the drummer in a band called "I killed the prom queen". He plays in this band which is a blend of rap and hardcore. He also has a project called Grips and tonic which is a hip hop duo.

I love music not genres. I've found stuff I like from the rap genre and then there is stuff i absolutely can not stand from the same genre. Same goes for harcore, rock, country, pop, folk, classical. If there is feeling in it or emotion that the artist has put in to portray their inner workings then i'm willing to give them the time and respect they deserve for outpouring themselves to the public.

That being said cookie cutter corporate stuff is hard to stomach. But I respect the artists willing to take that route and the fans that are faithful to them. It's the obnoxious music fan I cannot stand that if you don't listen to their one genre or sometimes one band! then you are somehow underneath them.

I spoiler tagged these to reduce the size of the page =/.

Screaming music is just for angry kids?
Spoiler for Tell me that you don't hear the sadness and gutwrenching pain of him missing his deceased brother especially at 3:40.:

I suggest you find the lyrics for this one as it really is a beautiful song, it's hard to imagine a song in this genre labelled as beautiful but it really is.

Rap/hip hop music is all about "bitches, money and cars"?
Spoiler for Chasing your dreams, aspiring to be great at your given craft?:

Christian rock is preachy love god or go to hell crap?
Spoiler for This doesn't seem to tell me to adjust my religious beliefs =/:

Folk music/punk music is boring/unintelligable crap
Spoiler for I don't even have to say anything for this band:

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