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Re: Funny wrestling pictures

Originally Posted by themosayat View Post
yes they both took awful bumbs ... and it didn't look perfect ... but what matters is that they both put their lives on the line because they love the wrestling buisness !
when foley did it with the undertaker back in the 90's of the freaking hell in a cell we didn't say it was dump ! we considered it one of the best and most hardcore spots in the history of wrestling !
and that's exactly what the move in that gif deserves too !
That CZW spot is two idiots "wrestling" in front of 100 other idiots, doing Jackass-type stunts in order to elicit a reaction. It's a man throwing his opponent off the top of a cage (over his head), drop-kicking him in mid-air through a wooden table, onto the concrete floor. It's excessive, unnecessary, desperate, dangerous, and poorly executed. It has nothing to do with their "love" for the wrestling business. It's about two awful wrestlers that don't know how to get a reaction without muddying everything that the business stands for. It's garbage wrestling for the sake of it.

The Foley cell dive - however extreme - had a purpose. It was one man pushing the limitations of his own body to create a lasting image for millions of people around the world, to cement his legacy, to create a moment for the match, his career and the company. A risky spot, no doubt, but one that could be measured and understood. It was a momentum shift in a match where it was uncertain what The Undertaker could do to put Mankind down. It was a storytelling technique as much as anything else.

You could argue that the two spots were similar, but only on face-value, and even then, it's a stretch.
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