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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Nearô View Post
You guys mean Vicious.

I went to go watch the Bebop movie the other day and what do I notice? The case is there, but the DVD is missing. So, I got on Amazon and ended up with the box set of Trigun, Bebop w/ movies, FullMetal Alchemist, FMA: Brotherhood and I bought the collector's edition of Death Note.

Mind you I had Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, FullMetal Alchemist and Death Note in interval DVD's, but I prefer complete, box sets; it is also a bonus when they are a collector's edition. Everything was very fair priced, I believe Bebop was $24.99 USD brand new w/ two-day shipping.

I need to catch up on my Bleach Collection, but I am skeptical to dish out a bunch of cash then buying the box set. I also need to get Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex first and second gig.
I've mentioned Vicious vs. Spike, but the Vincent fight was just as epic imo for different reasons.

And speaking of complete box sets, I still have to finish my Nedesico collection, which I haven't even thought about get the last dvd for. Man, I remember really hating collecting individual anime dvds because you couldn't them all, I had to go to Best Buy, Suncoast (I missed this store), or Media Play to find those damn dvds. Even now I prefer having the complete collection of an anime instead of the individual dvds. Hell, I don't think dvd distributors sell individual dvds in stores anymore unless it's older anime


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