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re: Osama Bin Laden 2001 Interview (conspiracy theorists UNITE)

Originally Posted by freakzilla5 View Post
The man died in 2001. This is why they weren't looking for him. Obama was making a mess in Libya and needed something to distract attention so they purported to have killed him and thrown him into the sea. The book that's been released recent disputing the way in which they "got him" is just more bs to reinforce the idea that this was the case.
I think he's been dead for a while, too. When you have a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under 3 President's and a current DoD adviser confirm the dude died of Marfan Syndrome before we even invaded Afghanistan, you can't dismiss the guy as a tin foil hat wearing nut job.

Not to mention that the President of Pakistan came out and said the guy probably died in 2002 because his dialysis machines were destroyed. It just boggles the mind that the guy was living in a huge walled in compound a mile away from Pakistan's version of West Point for 10 years without a sniff from any government agency we had. It's almost to the point of unreal.

Don't even get me started on the raid. Everything about it is the biggest violation of OPSEC in the history of SOCOM. What I liked most was the proof of said raid, though. A photo of Obama in the "WAR ROOM" making the same face I make when I'm playing Madden and some Afghani on Twitter saying helicopters are flying overhead. I'm convinced.

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