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Re: Honey Boo Boo

I apologize ahead of time because this may be a bit of a rant..

This show is exactly why I have lost all faith in humanity. This show makes me start gritting my teeth pacing back and forth yanking on my hair because it just stresses me right out how completely moronic these people are. I almost don't know who is the stupidest the people on the show, the viewers, or TLC. Toddlers & Tiaras was one of the worst things to ever be put on the air (for those of you unaware Honey Boo Boo is a spin off) I honestly thought we could only go up from there. It seemed to me like that would be the absolute bottom of the barrel, the kind of shows only viewed by pedophiles and the mentally challenged but unfortunately I was very wrong because Honey Boo Boo takes everything I hate about reality TV and amplifies it. I have no idea how anybody could stand to watch a show where Americans that English is their first language and they still have to put subtitles in because they are inbred hillbilly's. Every time I've seen parts of this show I feel like it should have dueling banjos playing. These people DO NOT deserve any kind of fame or recension all we are doing is justifying them by giving this kind trashy television views. If every banded together and stopped watching shitty shows like this they would have no choice but to take it off the air, in fact I bet TLC would probably completely get cancelled because they are probably the worst offenders of this.
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