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Re: 2012-13 College Football Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by MrMister View Post
You're trolling that the Big 12 doesn't play defense when really they're just as good/bad as any other conference.

This is maniac offense going on in Morgantown, not TERRIBLELOL defense.

Smith has 8 TDs atm. More time to play too.
I was only partially trolling, but c'mon, outside of Texas and maybe KState and OU (haven't seen enough of KState to make a judgment, although they seem like they're built that way; OU has played two cupcakes and KState who they played alright against) who has an even decent defense? OK State? Baylor? TTU? West Virginia?

I see the Big 10 and Big 12 as polar opposites. Big 10 has mostly tire fires of offenses while Big 12 mostly has defenses that can't stop nose bleeds. Sure there are your exceptions, but on the whole that's how the leagues are. You can't tell me that was simply good offense. These defenses were getting torched like they were FCS teams. 133 total points isn't just good offense. There's some incompetent defense thrown in there.

Originally Posted by Hit-Girl View Post
Arkansas is fucking terrible. And the funny thing is....actually it's HILARIOUS... these stupid ass pollsters had them in the top 10 pre-season. That shows you how terrible early season polls are. Truly pathetic.
John L. Smith is the coach. That should've been all that people needed to know.

Originally Posted by Mr. Perfect View Post
Geno is insane. After today's game he's now got 20 TD's and 0 INT's. This is an unbelievable start. I'm a Wolverine fan and I would trade Denard Robinson for Geno Smith in a heartbeat. Denard is a turnover machine. Denard throwing the football (especially against a decent team) is hard to watch. We're all getting sick of him over here.
I'd trade Denard with about half the Big 10 QBs, and no I'm not trolling. Miller, Colter, Martinez, Scheelhase, and possibly Gray/Roberson (if they were healthy). Guys a hell of an athlete, but barely completing 1/2 your passes and tearing up nobodies doesn't make you a good QB.

How can Geno not win the Heisman? I know it's only 4 games but holy shit. I was watching the game and one of the announcers said that "You can't dream about having a game like this." No you can't.
As much as I hate ND and hate saying this, Monte Te'o has been a beast on D and needs to be considered. I know they don't give it to defense-only players so his chances are slim to none, but he deserves some recognition.
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