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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

Originally Posted by Commodus View Post
I've not purchased one of these games for years, so I have a few questions for you guys who play it. If you could answer them, I'd really appreciate it:

1. In No Mercy, you could edit the attire of the wrestlers. So, for example, you could take APA Bradshaw and edit him so he became JBL. It added years of replayability to the game. Will they let us do it in this game?

2. Have they got a new animation for when you put someone through the roof of the Hell In A Cell? Or are they reusing the same animation they've been recycling since Smackdown 2?

3. Are you still able to create your own taunts?
1) You can edit the attire of wrestlers, but only the color. You can't change wrestlers looks such as hair.

2) The animation tends to be the same no matter what move you use to send your opponent through the cell. I don't play Hell in a Cell matches often, so I'm not sure if it's the same one they've been recycling for years.

3) Create a taunt hasn't been in the feature in the games for years, but you never know they could include it into the game. They've adding a new ''create a'' option each year. First it used to be a create a basic finisher option, then they introduced a corner finisher option, then a diving finisher option, now apparently they'll have create a submission in WWE 13.
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