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Re: Hottest Male Wrestler (leave if you're not interested)

Originally Posted by Zankman Jack View Post
One of the most lol-worthy things I've seen, however, was a YouTube video filled with comments about how Heath Slater is "so fucking hot" and how he "totally looks like Edge".

Originally Posted by Nostalgia View Post
I think it's impossible to find a girl who doesn't find either John Cena or Randy Orton attractive, lol. Both of their fanbases have a huge female following...

Fair enough. And yeah each to their own. Your profile has reminded me that Edge has always been a good looking guy, although I do think he looks better with the longer hair (sorry greendayedgehead lol).
I don't find Orton attractive. I see how people could find him attractive, though.

And funny, I have a friend that would say the exact opposite. Either way, he looks good.
Originally Posted by Taker2theMoon View Post
I see nothing attractive in Cena as far as from the neck up goes. Girls tend to go crazy when he takes his shirt off, granted he has a great physique, but I personally don't see anything going for him in his face.
It's the dimples.

Oh and also, Jericho got this haircut right before he left and it made him look really good, IMO. It's like a mohawk-ey thing, I think it's his best hair yet.
There's two kinds of attractive/sexy.
Punk will always be #1 on the list of hit it, quit it and never speak to ever again. Others include Orton, Edge, mid-late 90s Shawn Michaels, Austin Aries, Kenny King and McIntyre.

Then there's the bang but you actually wouldn't mind being their friend, category: Danielson, Jeff Hardy, Kofi, Tyler Black, Magnus
Interested to hear why you would "never speak to them again"

I'm still on the fence about Bryan. Beardless, obviously. Would consider.

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