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Re: Sons of Anarchy: Season 5 (Discussion Thread, SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by iHoneyBea View Post
Dont get me wrong, I'm not happy with them killing off Opie.

But honestly what more could he have done? He already lost the two most important people in his life (minus the kids) and even though he has his children half of their lives he was in prison and they only became close after Donna's death. There was always a distance between him and the two kids and he knew with the club always being a part of him he'd never be that great father, hence why he gave them to Lyla.

And for those saying he had unfinished business with Clay, the dude had his climax at the end of last season...he shot Clay and then the two came to terms with it in the last episode.

Yes Opie was a great character and badass, but think about it. Guy lost his family, cant even connect with his owns kids, had his wife leave him and the club he's known and been a part of his whole life betrayed him after he went to jail for it.

Chances are bad shit would've kept happening to Op and the story would've been him just being conflicted of whether or not he would rejoin the club or not...which would be boring. It was better this way.

In the end Sutter got what he wanted....all you guys talking about it.
You're right with a lot of it but Opie was the most endearing character in the show. Even if the Character had nothing to live for, we knew the potential of the character.

Put it this way, if Sutter got what he wanted in us talking about it then I'm sure it could backfire. Say I know 20 people who watch it who I have spoken to, no more than 2 or 3 said it was anything but crazy and at least of half of them aren't planning to keep up with it week by week. A lot of people I've read online in forums have said the same.

I completely understand what your saying, but this is Opie, man. Arguably the best character overall, I would go so far as to say the character who has had the most happen to him, the guy who a LOT of people got behind and a definite favourite of the show, killed off in a 15 minute story arc. It's not that I dislike the fact Opie has been killed off, it's TV. It's shit but I could live with it. It's the way it happened. A character like that should truly go out with a bang, and be built up. He shouldn't die in a 15 minute story arc in an episode it's announced a week before in advance that somebody will die, and he should have got a few more smacks in to be fair before he was killed. He was also in the same jail as the rest of the gang, even though their crimes were completely different and wouldn't put you in the same jail. His story with Clay may have been over, but by that extent so is Jax's. Jax knows what has happened and has made as much peace with Clay as Opie did.

I also read an interview with Kurt Sutter where he told the interviewer what episodes certain things will happen and I completely hate that. He told about the Jax/Clay story, the Gemma/Nero story, Juices story and one or two others. I would cite it as evidence now but after all of the stuff with Johnny Lewis and what Sutter has said about the situation I can't find it.

I have been looking forward to this season of Sons since the end of last season set it up so well. Now, not so much. As much as I dislike killing Opie off I really can't stand the fact they advertised a death beforehand and the stuff I read in the interview. I'm not really interested in much of it now.
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