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Re: Kassius Ohno changing his finisher?

Stepping back and viewing both Chris Hero and Barrett's careers overall instead of through a microscope in small sample sizes, Chris Hero has been a MUCH MUCH better performer than Barrett in almost all aspects of wrestling. I hate this "what have you done for me lately" stance that many people on here take towards journeymen wrestlers. The fact that Barrett is using a poorly done version of Ohno's finisher and gimmick is ridiculous and insulting on many levels. Barrett's one great trait is his word delivery. He has very little charisma, other than those few backstage segments, decent presence that doesn't seem to translate with a large audience, average ring skills, and a mediocre look. Having said all that I enjoy Barrett, but by stealing aspects from a superior talent like Hero, I'm having a hard time enjoying him as much lately.

Hopefully Chris Hero soon drops this wildman look and adopts his ROH knock out kid look, complete with the rap music entrance, and flashy attire. That gimmick fits his personality much better than his work in NXT. I would like to see creative, catch-phrase laden, promos again that echo back to a young mohammad ali, because THAT is a gimmick that will make him a star in the wwe.

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