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Re: £40m if you can turn my daughter straight

Originally Posted by Warren Zevon View Post
I don't see how you've blown that out of the water. If some sort of doomsday scenario/superbug outbreak were to occur and wipe out the majority of the population, the gays wouldn't be able to help repopulate. Then again, they could just choose to be straight, which I assume they would if survival is on the line.

If homosexuality and other same-sex relationships can't be equated, why did you bring them up in the first place?

I don't like gays, if it were up to me, homosexuality would not exist. However, it is not up to me, and therefore I believe that people should be what they want to be. That doesn't mean that I would want myself or my family to associate with them.
Again, when did you choose to be exclusively heterosexual? If sexuality is pure choice as you have posited as fact then you can pinpoint when you decided you were exclusively sexually attracted to the opposite sex. But are you attracted to them for the sole reason of continuation of species? If not, then your argument is flawed because that is what you find wrong in homosexuality in that it does not further the continuation of our species.

Gender-crossing in Native Americans is not about same-sex relationships. You say that you know a lot about sexuality but cannot make the distinction between gender-crossing and same-sex relationships? I bring them up because you preach it's all about choice and that they are wrong, but the reason you say they are wrong (homosexual) did not exist at that point in time. You do not believe that people should be the way they want to be as proven by your homophobia. You want people to be the way you are or what you accept as appropriate.

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