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Re: is being the biggest draw a good enough reason to be considered the goat ?

Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
Eh I'd say Undertaker is more well known outside of wrestling than Ric Flair is.
Undertaker may be even more well known than Stone Cold outside wrestling.But it doesn't matter much when his impact in wrestling is nothing compared to Stone Cold.

Originally Posted by Jon Jones View Post
Tyrion makes a great point. Adam Sandler's movies gross the most out of any actor at the box office. Does that mean that he's GOAT at acting? Absolutely not. Just a guy who can draw really well.
You make a fantastic point about Adam Sandler.

1.Take Al Pacino,Jack Nicholson,De Niro for example.They are fantastic actors.But there is no way they can strike gold at box office like Adam Sandler.Adam Sandler is a box office superstar since most of his movies run with nothing but his name value.De Niro greatest box office success has been Fockers and Shark Tale.Both ran due to a good script,Ben Stiller and Will SmithAt the end of the day,if I was a producer I would prefer to take a movie with Adam Sandler than De Niro.

2.HBK or Bret Hart may be two of the best wrestlers ever.But in pro-wrestling,the greatest wrestlers are people who have fantastic drawing ability.People like Hogan,Austin,Rock fit in that category

Can't compare actors to pro-wrestlers but it would roughly be something like this.

De Niro,Hoffman= Bret Hart,HBK

Cruise,Sandler,Smith,Hanks,RDJ=Hogan,Austin,Rock,Cena etc

My personal opinion is whether you are good actor or wrestler,it means nothing if you can't entertain.Bret Hart( or Al Pacino)may be vastly superior in wrestling( or acting) but I prefer entertainers like Austin( or Cruise)
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