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Re: 40m if you can turn my daughter straight

Originally Posted by Warren Zevon View Post
Unnatural sexual activities are a different issue. Basically every form of intercourse can be performed on somebody of the opposite sex. Everybody has urges, normal people go about these urges alone or with a consenting somebody of the opposite gender. Immoral people go about these urges via homosexual activities or rape.

No, there is no "right" sexuality, as right and wrong are matters of opinion. However, there are productive and non-productive sexualities, productive being the ones that help further the human race, non-productive being homosexuality.

Numbered genders beyond male, female and intersex are just theoretical nonsense designed to further the homosexual agenda.
Non-productive sexualities are homosexual? Again that subscribes to a sexual binary, that simply is not true else we would not have sexualities like bisexuality, pansexuality, and asexuality. Productive sexualities refers to heterosexual vaginal intercourse for the sole reason of continuation of species? That still does not explain oral intercourse, anal intercourse, or masturbation etc. How can you, using biological determinism, explain these things is the purpose of intercourse is the continuation of species?

You say there is no "right" sexuality but are so quick to demonize homosexuality... interesting.

I said crossing genders not creating new ones. If Native Americans practicing gender-crossing habits happened before the concept of homosexuality, which it did, how can it be about furthering the homosexual agenda? Furthermore, what is the homosexual agenda?

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