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Re: £40m if you can turn my daughter straight

Originally Posted by Warren Zevon View Post
Where is the evidence that gays are born that way? Where is the evidence that homosexuality isn't wrong? Both of these issues are generally matters of opinion, so I'm answering them with opinions.

If somebody tells me the sky is purple, who am I to say that it isn't? I'm not them. Maybe to them the sky is purple.

I think that homosexuality is wrong for a myriad of reasons: It doesn't further the human race because homosexuals can't reproduce, in my opinion the idea of two men "in love" with each other is repulsive, and gays are a big reason for the prominence of the AIDS epidemic.

I know plenty about sexuality, but I also know that you're not supposed to accept what you read and what you're told as the gospel truth.
You take a biologically deterministic view of sexuality, perpetuating that sexual intercourse is only meant for the continuation of species. How do you explain the myriad of sexual behaviors (oral intercourse, anal intercourse, masturbation etc.) in our society?

You really do not know much about sexuality, as shown by the deflection of my questions. Is there even a right sexuality? If there is why do we have many different sexualities now? What would you call what the Native Americans did with crossing genders? You can't call it homosexuality because homosexuality is a relatively new concept and therefore cannot correctly be applied in this situation.

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