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Warren Zevon
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Re: I hate alcohol

As with most things in life, I feel that it is all in how you go about it. I will admit that I used to drink entirely too much before I got married and settled down, but I never had a drinking problem. I keep a full liquor cabinet at all times and drink nearly daily, but rarely to the point of inebriation.

I've been collecting single malt scotch for several years now, and I view it as a learning experience. The same way that fine cuisine connoisseurs may learn more about food through extensive tasting, through trying differing styles of scotch whisky I am able to discern between very subtle differences and identify certain flavor profiles that most people would not pick up on.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, after a particularly bad day I may go for a 40 of malt liquor or a $5 plastic bottle of bottom shelf vodka, but I let it do no more damage to me than all overconsumption will do. I'm all for "drinking my sorrows away", as they say, but when you get to the point of drinking to mask said sorrows, that is when you've got a problem. I've found that alcohol is a good way to confront your emotions as it tends to break down barriers and I can see why so many people have a problem quitting.

I had a rough patch after I left the service, going out and drinking, picking fights, etc. and I would never let myself get controlled by alcohol now that I've got obligations.
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