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I hate alcohol

Before I start, this isn't a CM Punk heel "I'm straight edge and better than you" promo. These are opinions and thoughts I have developed through real-life experiences.

I used to binge-drink, and have a great time. Knock back lots of vodka, go into a nightclub and have a "good time". The night would start with meeting people who also go to the same club, embracing in a drunken hug etc. Then we'd go to the bar together and get more drinks, repeated several times over. Eventually, the night descends to utter stupidity. The down period after the initial high, the vomitting, the blackouts, and the agonising hangover the next morning. Why, other than seeking social acceptance, do people object themselves to this? Using logical, clear reasons, what is the purpose?

If you "can't" have a good time without it, that is when you should avoid it all costs. I cannot stand when people show no personality until drunk. People who reply with grunts or lacking-in-confidence mumbles when sober, only to then sway around shouting loudly when drunk as if they're the heart and soul of the party. It's sad. If you're using alcohol as a crutch, or to give you more confidence, that is when you desparately need to stop. Just put in a little effort, speak to people, develop a personality you are comfortable with to show to others. If you change completely from sobriety to drunkeness, then how you're acting when you're drunk is not an actual personality. It's essentially lying to yourself, and creating a vicious cycle. Each time makes you depend on the alcohol more and more, and gives you less and less confidence in displaying your real personality. How many times have you seen drunken people make a complete asshole of themselves, and not in the funny way? Becoming aggressive and starting fights, going on and on and on about something that nobody else cares about, or just talking incessantly about getting more alcohol, and refusing to accept that they have drank more than enough? Pointless, utterly pointless behaviour.

Of course not everybody who drinks does it due to a lack of personality. Many people are out-going and confident, and also like to get drunk. Why though? I understand the social acceptance that comes with drinking, but if you are truly confident with yourself, then you should realise that you have no genuine, logical reason to get drunk. If you can have a good time without it, then continue to do so.

Also, not everybody who drinks makes a complete moron of themselves. Some people can drink in moderation, and control themselves. But- why drink in moderation? Again, I understand the social acceptance aspect to it. However, if you're not drinking to get steaming drunk, you're surely better off not drinking at all. It adds nothing to your personality, it costs a lot of money, and has numerous harmful affects on your health.

People have always drank, I'm not aiming for some cliched "our generation is falling apart!" nonesense. But with the knowledge of negative side-effects of excessive consumption of alcohol available to everybody, I can't think of any logical reason why people choose to drink so much. It is not "needed" for a good time, and is essentially used as a crutch by many people to create a personality they are not confident enough to display when sober.

I'm interested in hearing what others have to say, on both sides of the argument.

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