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Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point

I dont really remember much of TNA from this time but I have seen work from both of you before so im sure you guys will make it great!

Jim Cornette out to start the show and he names Foley the GM of Xplosion I get the point of it but honestly this whole promo really did nothing for me but oh well.

Short match to showcase some X Divison talent but it served its point you showed whos heel and whos face, Things go from bad to worse for Amazing Red as he loses the tag match just days after losing the X Divison Title for Homicide, Speaking of which I was a little surprised that Homicide wasnt even out there to watch the match as all these guys want a title shot I assume and he would want to scout the talent.

Wolfe vs Morgan I must say I expected a little more out of these two both have alot of talent but this was a pretty short match, Good none the less though a nice victory for Wolfe who needed the victory after losing to Kurt at the PPV.

Styles little segment after getting out of the car was just weird to me and kinda confused me, Though after rereading it im thinking maybe the champ has something up his sleeve to ensure his buddy Daniels wins the match.

Tag match was okay but nothing special, That is until Team 3D run in and kick some ass and destory Storm and Shelley! Now next week we get 3D vs Sabin & Roode that should be a pretty good match hope it doesnt disapoint!

Joe and Steiner was alright, Happy to see Joe win and it looks like we may be heading towards Lashley vs Steiner but hopefully Steiner wont be a big part of your show. Joe seems to be heading towards the world title picture again which could be interesting since hes not in the #1 Contenders match.

Raven's promo was really good and it sounded exactly like something Raven would say which was good to see not everybody can write good promos for Raven but you can kudos to you for that and im looking forward to seeing Raven vs Sting down the road.

Just when I think nothing big would happen on this show we crown a new Knockouts Champion in Tara! That was a smart move I think shes better in just about every way then ODB and I never thought ODB was a good champion should be good to see how Tara carrys the divison now that shes the champion and if ODB turns heel over this.

Wow the #1 Contenders match was awesome! Lots of back and forth action and I must admit seeing Daniels win was a big surprise I did not see that coming, Looks like Wolfe isnt done with Angle yet I loved this feud back in the day so im all for them fighting one more time. Im a big fan of Daniels so im looking forward to see if he can finally win the big one and take the belt from Styles.

Good show overall, Lots of good action and a new champion crowned right away which was surprising to see. I will do my best to keep up with both shows here in the future, Goodluck guys.
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