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Re: Avatar Universe Mafia- game thread

Originally Posted by Titania View Post
Good lynch folks! Another one bites the dust.
"Do you have the time to listen to me whine
About nothing and everything all at once?
I am one of those melodramatic fools
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i wonder how many boogers are left and farts in the game
Originally Posted by Titania View Post
Could we please not split the votes and speed up this game? This game needs to move faster. Enough with the no lynches already, boogers.
Unvote RUSH
Vote Taylor
I think Taylor's probably town but he's refused to claim his character and we just need to start achieving lynches. Plus he's more likely to make the wrong decision in the end. And who knows, maybe he is scum.
rocks don't fart
against Taylor
Originally Posted by Titania View Post
Okay, so Dan has confirmed that there are two scum groups. That's news to me since I don't know the theme and I was guessing that the extra kill on Night 1 was more likely a JOAT kill then non-town.
Impulse could have been silenced, esp. since it appears there are two scum groups, or he might be scum avoiding the thread. I don't think I've seen him avoid claiming as scum before. I'd give him a chance to claim before hammering. He has posted a lot of crap but that isn't necessarily a scum tell for him.
boogers r gross
Originally Posted by Titania View Post
Vote Chr1st0
the bois had a fart contest
voted Chr1st0

She really didn't argue with anyone. She voted sheamus and Imp, so she blended in. She then voted Chr1st0 and Fitz. But I think Fitz is town, no reads at a ll on Chr1st0. Chr1st0 GOAT'd Saw Mafia btw.
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