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Re: Backstage Talk About WWE Grooming Top New Guy

I havent really put my input into much on this forum in the last few months but seeing the amount of people suggest Mason fucking Ryan as face of the biggest wrestling company on the planet has given me no option but to ask why ?

What exactly does he have that would make him anything more that a musclebound jobber to put over mid-card faces ?
His look ? Please. Are you the same people who bad mouth Vince for getting behind guys due to their size ?

His Mic skills ? No his mic skills are non existent.

His wrestling ability? He has the ability to make me cringe with embarresment when he is on my screen. Im not overstating that . I really do feel a wave of embarresment come over me when he used to be on Raw.

Hes shit. End of.

As for who will become the next face of the company I personally do not see anyone of the current Raw or Smackdown rosters SUCCESFULLY replacing Cena.
I do see Ryback becoming a very prominent figure on Raw in the next few months and I expect him to build a lot of support and have a long and good career. However I do not see him being able to get over with the younger generation of the wwe universe the way Cena did and with the WWE being a much more family orientated show than it was in 2004 when Cena starting his journey to the companies guy Ryback not being as popular with this generation will obviously have a negative effect on Ryback reaching Cena's level.

Say as much as you want about Cena not being the best wrestler in the world , ok hes not a Daniel Bryan in the ring but hes a lot better than given credit to.
His greatest skills are talking to the crowd and I have not seen anybody be able to control the crowd so easily as Cena has since The Rock.
It is that skill that whomever takes over the mantle as the compnies guy must have.
And as much as I like the guy Ryback does not have that. In my opinion of course.

As for Sheamus he does have that charisma to connect with the kids but unlike Cena he cannot seem to connect well with both them and the older fans at the same time. It seems that he must either be this extreme babyface character to connect with the younger fans and his more violent and aggresive character to connect more with us , the older fan. Perhaps he will find a balance to get him over with both but for now that does not seem like it will happen for a while.

Both Ryaback and Sheamus have great amount of talent and I see them both getting a big opportunity to become the start of the show but with both men I see them falling short of top guy status like Hart , Batista and Randy Orton before them to play second fiddle to whomever the top spot goes to.

As for who it goes to Im completely in the dark about.
Im not a big fan of indy wrestling so Im not sure if there is a guy out there rising up who has the characteristics I described.

Dolph Ziggler is in my opinion the best wrestler in the world. He is the one guy who I watch wrestle that has me on the edge of my seat everytime he goes out there and no matter who it is against.
But can he with his current character be the guy. No he cant.
So do you risk losing a guy who could become a legend with his current characater by completely changing him.
Lets say over the next few weeks Ziggler keeps losing matches including a failed cash in on Sheamus and eventually blames Vicky for bringing him down a bad path and leaves her and the wwe for a few weeks.
Ric Flair then takes over as general manager of both smackdown and raw and we see Sheamus hold on to his title till the rumble where Nick The Natural Nemeth is escorted down to the ring by Flair at number 30 , beats Wade Barrett and goes on to face Sheamus at mania , winning in the progress.
He is then screwed out of his title a few months later by Big Show and turns face in the progress. We now have a popular face who has been on a good run chasing after the title. What could go wrong ?
Everything. Ziggler is Ziggler. Hes not a face , hes not an ass kicker to the wwe universe and he sure as hell would not fit the bill as someone who could be a smiley and happy go lucky face.
He would flop just like Punk did as a face. Why because the crowd loves him for what he is , a heel with a lot of charisma who can fucking go in the ring.
The same would go for Rhodes , Ambrose , Barrett and in my opnion Sheamus. All natural heels. NOT FACE MATERIAL.

So who does that leave , well......Richie Steamboat. Not saying Im happy with it and I hope Ryback can pull this out of the bag but like I said I dont think he will. Fingers crossed though.......

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