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Re: Why Samoa Joe?

Originally Posted by Skermac View Post
It's a TV title, defending it bi-monthly is way to long in between for a tv title. It's meant to be defended on tv. I would say no more than 2 weeks between defending the title and NEVER EVER EVER on a ppv. The tv title should only be defended on tv so everyone can see it. Not every one can get ppv's and even if they could the tv title still should not be defended on a ppv unless it's renamed. It's called TV title for a reason.
WCW, ECW and ROH have never shied from defending the TV Title on PPV/iPPV. You watch PPV's on your TV (except in the case of ROH), therefore it is fitting to be defended on PPV as well as TV.

If they went with the fact that not everyone can watch a PPV, then why defend any title on PPV as normally fewer than 10k see the PPV's while a million watch the TV show. Putting that title on PPV means more reason to purchase if they can make that strap more prestigious. Also if it is only defended bi-monthly you are going to have fresher matches over that strap on both TV and PPV, which is more reason to tune in (or not switch the channel) or buy the PPV, you won't be getting stuff like Robbie vs Devon 38 times in a 6 week span.


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