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Re: Oshit, I'm Single

Originally Posted by Walls View Post
Right, because that makes sense. I did put my foot down, many times, and she still didn't go. So what then? I'm afraid of commitment, that's why I was with her for half a decade. Sounds logical. And I moved on so quickly because 1. I was mentally out of the relationship for well over a year and 2. Because I get over people very easily, it's just how I am. Good for the person you know and their partner that they were able to work through it, that person's partner was willing to seek help once the foot was laid down, mine wasn't. Not my fault. And her family are a bunch of leeches because all they do is collect welfare and go to food banks for food instead of working. And yes, "I can't talk" because I have arthritis, have a go at it.
It makes perfect sense. You got dumped, and are now playing off the victim card without both sides of the story being told.

Yes, you are afraid of commitment because despite being with her for 5 years, you never walked that aisle.

Ah, welfare bludgers. Leeches indeed.

Whoa, I'd be a cunt to mock your illness, so relax guy.
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