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Re: Oshit, I'm Single

I did go to therapy with her. I went with her to the doctors, everything. Then she would stop wanting to go and again, I can't force her to do. I can assure you, I did everything in my power to get her help, as did my mother and her parents. She simply refused. I fell in love with someone who wasn't really there and that's on me. She was fine the first year we were together and then she moved in with me and it's as if the second that door locked for the first day of her living there, the mask came off and she revealed who she really was.

Unless you've interacted with someone who is bi-polar, you really have no idea how hard it can be. They really are two different people. I fell in love with the sweet, caring person she could be but over time the beast part of her took over. I talked to her parents about it,she's been like that her whole life, talked to her friends too. She kept it from me. Once I found out I should have ran for the hills, yes, but I didn't and I'm aware that's on me. I tried desperately to hold onto the good side of her in hopes that it would win in the end. And it very well could have, had she stuck with getting help and taking medication on a regular basis. I did all I could.

It's a terrible disease that makes the person with it fucking evil, legitimately. I thought maybe it was that she and I were just not compatible until I spoke to other people in her life who told me she's been like that her entire life. She chose not to consistently seek help for it and I chose to let it drag out too long. Only difference is now I'm currently seeing someone who is amazing and sane and is very caring, whereas she's 4 hours away back with her garbage family being the leeches they are.

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