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Re: 40m if you can turn my daughter straight

Originally Posted by Warren Zevon View Post
They're ashamed because they know homosexuality is disgusting. They could decide to be straight, but they want to be different and edgy and attention seeking. Homosexuality is a myth, nothing but a fad that will gradually fade away over time. Every 13 year old emo kid these days is "bi" because they think that makes them some sort of hip individual. People will realize that it does nothing to further the human race, and once our population slows or we come across some sort of globally devastating disaster and need to repopulate, you can bet that those fairies will be straight as a razor.
If they know it is disgusting, then why are they still doing it? Because according to you they have a choice?

Why would a closeted homosexual choose to be gay if nobody but himself knows? Doesn't sound very attention-seeking to me.

You're either a troll or stupid.
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