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Re: Sports players you blatantly hate...

Tevez: Never refuse to play for your club. I don't care if the manager slapped you with a shit stick after you scored five goals in as many minutes, you just don't refuse to play. Oh, and you dont... FUCKING DON'T go from United to City. That's an enternity of hate right there. I don't care if it's 'Pool, Arsenal, Chelsea... ANYWHERE but City.

Suárez: See avatar.

Balotelli: Whiney, complaining peice of shit. Plus he's overatted. Probably one of the most overatted players in the history of time.

Messi: I just can't stand him. I'm of the minority who thinks Ronaldo is the better of the two. Sure, in my books Messi is #2 in the world, but Ronnie is better. He became the best player in the world in the 2010/2011 after Raul bailed. I suppose I hate Messie for two reasons; people say he's number one, when in my books he's not... and the fact that he's the son of a bitch who ruined my night in Rome on the 27th of May, 2009.

And to now even things out...

Danny Welbeck: I suppose "hate" is a strong word to use against a player from me own club, but... nah, actually. I do hate him. He can play Sunderland and he can play for his country, but when he pulls on a United shirt, he leaves 100% of his effort at Wembeley. Stupid haircut, too.
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