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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

If Cena goes down with something that keeps him out more than a few months, WWE is fucked. The only guy who could maybe even slightly possibly replace Cena based on the fact his matches most of the time lead to increases is... well... Ryback. And that's a big IF, because while people might be content watching him in short burst matches, would he be accepted in main events or would be tune out? And even then, once Ryback loses his undefeated streak, does his appeal and drawing ability instantly go away? WWE seem to be grooming Sheamus, but he's not doing any better on SD for the overall number than Punk is doing for the overall number on Raw.

As far as Punk/Orton goes, they're in the exact same boat for me. They both did feud with HHH, and both involved the McMahon family (to some extent). The difference though was the execution and it's why Orton/HHH did as well as it did and why Orton in 2009 was a proven draw to some extent. Orton/HHH was heated, intense, and very personal with Orton taking out the McMahons one by one leading to him ultimately going against HHH at Mania. Punk/HHH was Punk complaining that HHH was a bad COO and it remained that for the entirety of the feud. It also goes to show that storylines and feuds can draw just as much as the wrestlers in the feud.

However the thing with Orton, was once he didn't have that safety net of HHH and an awesome feud to go along with it, namely I'm talking about in 2010 Raw, he didn't do any better than Punk is doing now as far as overall numbers go (I don't know what the breakdowns were back then, so if anyone wants to fill in, be my guest). Same thing with him on SD in 2011, because once they put the title on Mark Henry, suddenly ratings shot back up to WM ratings time.

But as I said, I don't know what the breakdown numbers of that time on Raw was, and SD doesn't have breakdowns so we can't really do much with that. I just think if you're going to call Orton a draw currently (not in 2009, CURRENTLY), then don't say Punk is not a draw, and vice-versa.

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