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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by NearFall View Post
-Italics: However, it does go both ways. Back when Punk was feuding with Jericho(3.1-.3.3s with Rock/Cena as ME) and then Daniel Bryan( which it was Big Show VS Cena and 2.7s-3.0s) the entire ratings were blamed on Punk by a lot of people. But it is probably just his blind haters, like the blind Orton haters.

-Bolded: Rather than bring back my huge post earlier. I'll simply put it as Starbuck did. The fact that he has been treated so irrelevantly as Champion will make people rather uninterested in his first(relatively) main event program as Champion. It simply is not clicking as for the past months, if they missed Punk, they did not miss the main event. Perhaps that ideology is still with a portion of the audience?
I can understand the Punk/Bryan argument to an extent (Cena no showed an episode or two around May-June IIRC). Now for Punk/Jericho? Specially on the RTWM, to blame it for the ratings not rising is just a blatant troll move. I was not a regular visitor of this thread back then so I can't speak on what took place but the feud itself was an afterthought on the show and never once main evented (other than that battle royal after Elimination Chamber) and with The Rock, Taker/HHH/HBK & Lesnar around, it truly was.

On the second part, maybe or maybe not. Punk himself has not done anything to become a non-draw, he just doesn't seem to be able to get to that position is all. And if full show ratings are to be used (similar to how it has been used by trolls against Orton on SD), Punk was unable to help them rise from the get go as the go home show for MITB 11 got right below 3.0 which is not what everyone had hoped for. And he also failed in the ratings department around new year time when Cena took a backseat before his feud with Kane came into full force and Punk main evented with other IWC darlings such as Bryan and Zack Ryder. What they're doing now is trying to get him to become a draw by giving him so much TV time after treating him as irrelevant for the longest time being. It may be too late now and so far, ratings are still down.

Originally Posted by KO Bossy View Post
Denial is not just a river in Egypt...

The arguments of so many people on here are that Punk can't draw PERIOD. The fact that his segments gained viewers dispute that. Now is he inconsistent? Absolutely. But to say he can't draw at all is wrong.
To be very honest, anyone can get the fortune of gaining viewers. The thing is as you mentioned, consistency. Punk doesn't have that. They can't trust him enough to have him go out there and expect him to carry any segment he's in to be a draw or huge gain. Only times he's "impressive" are when he's given somebody who is most likely gaining viewers to back him up (Cena, Foley, Heyman) and therefore, he's not a draw. I don't think anybody has said "He can't gain viewers at all" because something as simple as that just needs the breakdowns to be corrected. People are just saying he's not a trustworthy "draw" if one at all. And like I said before, the bad ratings are not to be blamed on him ENTIRELY. But he deserves to take some of the blame since he's the centerpiece of the show and appears numerous times throughout the 3 hours.
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