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Re: Newly formed tag team.

I like it. Rhodes Scholar is a fairly clever name too. Cody hasn't been doing anything and Sandow can get more exposure this way. They probably won't be around for long either: which is fine with me, as Sandow should be going for single's titles.

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
They're gonna win the tag titles at HIAC and Kane and Bryan will explode.
Huh? I disagree, I think it's beyond obvious that they're using Sandow/Rhodes as a tag team to get Kane and Bryan to work together and "overcome their odds". They needed a fairly credible team (mid carders at least) so that rules out PTP, and aside from them there really aren't any other mid card heel teams. So instead they tossed two fairly credible mid card heels together and called it a day.

Team Friendship has been on fire lately, and WWE is just starting to milk the cow. They aren't going anywhere. If anything happens, Kane/Bryan will win in some controversial fashion, they'll have a 2 vs 2 rematch at the following PPV and after winning again, Rhodes/Sandow will break off. I imagine Sandow will betray Rhodes as Rhodes hasn't really done much recently, maybe they'll give him another face run (whether or not that sounds like a good idea is for another thread), as there's no way they'd turn Sandow so early.

Either way, I'm glad they're finally trying to rebuild the tag division. It came out of nowhere and it's actually looking really good right now, providing it's booked well at least.
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